Do You Know How Many Children Pam Hupp Had? A Look at NBC Killer’s Family!

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The Thing About Pam’s brief run on NBC is over, but fans still have plenty of unanswered concerns about the actual Pam Hupp.

We discuss the real-life Pam Hupp, including her current whereabouts and the number of kids she had.

Renée Zellweger, Josh Duhamel, Judy Greer, Gideon Adlon, and Sean Bridgers star in the American crime thriller directed by Jenny Klein and based on the Dateline episodes and The Thing About Pam podcast about the 2011 murder of Betsy Faria and Pam Hupp’s participation.

Where Is Pam Hupp Now?

Pam Hupp, a native American who grew up in Missouri, has been presented as a suspect in the deaths of Betsy Faria, Louis Gumpenberger, and Shirley Neumann, her own mother.

After killing Gumpenberger in 2016, Hupp was given a life sentence and is now incarcerated in the Chillicothe Correctional Center in northern Missouri.

Hupp was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, although he appealed his verdict in 2020. However, the 2021 court rejected the petition.

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How Many Kids Did She Have?

Pam Hupp, both in real life and on the NBC sitcom, is the mother of two children, Sarah and Travis, from her first and second marriages, respectively.

do you know how many children pam hupp had? a look at nbc killer's family

Hupp reportedly married her senior prom date three months before their wedding and stayed together for six years until divorcing, as reported by St. Louis Magazine. Hupp and Mark, her second husband, had moved to Florida and back to Missouri in 2001, not long before Hupp met Betsy.

Neither Sarah nor Travis appeared in court documents related to Pam’s trial, and the kids have also avoided the limelight.

The Thing About Pam Season Episode

Each episode of The Thing About Pam aired on NBC for about 40 minutes, making for a total of six episodes.

The Thing About Pam was advertised as a limited series, therefore its cancellation after its season one finale on April 12, 2022, was to be expected.

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