Doctor Who Tom Holland April Fools: Expressive April Fools Funny Tricks by Fans

It’s April 2nd, and the internet is still being fooled by hoaxes from yesterday. Even though April Fools’ Day is passed, many of the viral jokes that were played are still making the rounds on social media.

Not only did Walkers unveil a new product dubbed “Sandwich Crisps,” but Deliveroo also declared that it is banning all pineapple pizzas. To the dismay of fans, an awful April Fool’s joke spread online claiming Tom Holland would be taking over the role of Doctor Who.

Is Tom Holland the next Spider-Man?

The announcement that Spider-Man actor Tom Holland would be taking up the role of Doctor Who began circulating on Twitter on April 1. The hoax began with a post on DoctorWhoTV, a website dedicated to reporting on the British science fiction program.

The BBC, Sony Pictures, and Bad Wolf “today made the announcement that Tom Holland, 25 years old, will play the Doctor.” According to the compelling narrative, the actor is a “very fresh and current approach” for the “clean slate remake” of the show.

Following multiple specials airing in 2023 as part of the 60th-anniversary celebrations, “Holland will make his debut,” the article said.

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Those Phony Interviews Don’t Hide a Thing

Tom Holland has reportedly commented, “I’m absolutely happy to be hanging up my web slingers and picking up the sonic,” as reported by DoctorWhoTV. I can’t wait to introduce a new generation to this incredible adventure across the universe. “I’ll be ready to go full tilt in no time!”

doctor who tom holland april fools

Webslingers? Do you plan on grabbing the sonic? Stepping up the tempo? Tom would never make such a cliched joke in an interview for a formal announcement.

A similar statement from David Tennant, “Yes, it’s true. Yes, despite what you may have heard, I am indeed making a return for one final show. And Andrew Garfield chimed in, “I am 100% NOT playing the buddy.” To be sure, the whole thing is a load of hooey, but it managed to fool a lot of people on social media, many of whom secretly hope that Tom Holland will be the next Doctor Who.

Responses from Fans to April Fools Joke

Because the entire thing is an April Fools joke, several fans have expressed their extreme disappointment on Twitter.

Others are glad Tom won’t be the new Doctor.

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