Who Is Dr Thomas Day Magic Johnson in Winning Time? Does He Represent a Real-Life Person?

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We examine what we know about Dr. Thomas Day, Magic Johnson’s agent, after the series finale of Winning Time airs.

With this week’s “Momento Mori,” the Lakers’ dynastic ascension continues. The HBO sports drama depicts numerous significant events of the 1980s, including the rise of the Showtime Lakers.

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After Jack McKinney’s terrible bike accident in the last episode, this one picks up right where the fifth left off. Magic Johnson’s contact with Dr. Thomas Day is also depicted, as is his decision to turn down a lucrative shoe deal from Nike. Yet, who is Dr. Day to stop time from passing?

Winning Time Season 1 Episode 6 Features Dr. Thomas Day

After Magic moves to Los Angeles, he hires Cindy Day, who we meet in the second episode of Winning Time, as his publicist. Dr. Thomas Day, Cindy’s real-life father, takes over as Magic’s manager and financial advisor on the show.

The sixth episode focuses on Magic’s shoe deal and the offer made by Nike co-founder Phil Knight to the NBA star. To reward Johnson for his hard work, Knight will pay $1.00 for each pair of shoes shipped in addition to providing Johnson with $100,000 in stock options.

dr thomas day magic johnson

Ultimately, however, Magic chooses to sign with Converse for $100,000, which is what actually transpired in the real world. We watch as Magic’s notoriety grows and he seeks Dr. Thomas Day’s advice.

After seeing that Cindy Thomas is just concerned about Magic’s notoriety, Thomas sees his bond with his daughter cool. (In the show, Magic’s father is a businessman who dumps his daughter.)

Despite Magic’s knowledge that Dr. Day has broken up with Cindy, he still seeks his advice and makes sure that he and Cindy remain professional colleagues. Dr. Day even goes so far as to go to Michigan to personally deliver a pair of Lakers tickets to Magic’s future wife, Cookie.

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Does Dr. Day Exist?

Winning Time viewers are curious about the show’s fictional doctor, Dr. Thomas Day. Although it has not been proved, it is quite likely that Dr. Thomas Day is a fictional character and not a real person. Exactly how do we know this? Similarly, Cindy Day does not exist; rather, she appears to be a composite of the several women Johnson dated around this time.

Melissa Mitchell gave birth to Magic’s son Andre Johnson in 1981, after the two dated briefly in the early 1980s. Renee Perkins has claimed that Magic is the father of her son, Chauncey. Cindy from Winning Time seems to be based on these ladies.

Since Cindy Day and her father, Dr. Thomas Day, appear to be fictional characters in the show, it’s likely that they too are inventions.

As far as we can tell, Dr. Thomas Day never collaborated with Magic Johnson, and there is no record of him doing so. Perhaps he drew inspiration for his character from a few different people working at Magic at the time, but we’ll never know for sure.

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