Falling Into Your Smile Season 2: An Online Rumours Concerning the Renaissance of This Chinese Drama Series Are Widespread!

Is this the end of the road for the critically acclaimed Chinese drama “Falling Into Your Smile,” which has recently debuted on Netflix, or will the show come back for a second season?

There’s a good chance that 2021 will go down in history as the most pivotal year for Asian-themed media ever. Not only did Korean dramas like Squid Game and Vincenzo sweep the world, but Chinese series like Word of Honor, You Are My Hero, and The Long Ballad also made huge strides.

But this year’s biggest show was the E-sports drama Falling Into Your Smile, which premiered on Netflix and starred the likes of Xu Kai, Cheng Xiao, and Zhai Xiao Wen.

The second season of Falling Into Your Smile has not yet been confirmed, but there are new rumors circulating online that there may be another rebirth in the works.

Second Season of “Falling Into Your Smile” Talks Are Happening Online

It’s been about a year since the launch of Falling Into Your Smile, and as mentioned before, there has been no confirmation of a second season.

In one sense, Falling Into Your Smile has proven to be successful enough to warrant a second season. Despite a lackluster start at home, the C-drama has become a global phenomenon, earning 8.7/10 on MyDramaList, 9.6/10 on Viki Rakuten, and 8.4/10 on IMDB (all from viewers).

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In addition, the season finale hints at future seasons being set up. The series ends with an announcement of their engagement and the line “I know you will continue to follow me” in episode 31’s blog post. We’ll have to part ways till next year.

Although this could simply be a reference to the E-Sports leagues’ internal narrative, many viewers have read into it a hint at season 2, which makes sense given the cyclical nature of video game tournaments.

falling into your smile season 2

There is an interesting hypothesis that the C-drama will return, but with a new cast, just like there are innumerable different teams and franchises in the realm of esports all vying for the same glory.

While we expect the fandom to be disappointed by the loss of Xu Kai, Cheng Xiao, and Zhai Xiao Wen, a second season could easily resolve the cliffhanger from the first by shifting its attention to a new cast and continuing the story from there.

The key issue here is that almost a year has passed since the premiere of the series, and there has been complete quiet from the production team since then on the potential of a second season of Falling Into Your Smile.

The Show’s Massive Popularity Around the World

We would have thought there would be some sort of announcement about a second season of Falling Into Your Smile by now.

Sadly, it seems that a few die-hards of the main series have already been deceived by the many rumors of Falling Into Your Smile season. Since Netflix premiered the series last month, rumors about a second season have been circulating online, primarily on Twitter and TikTok, with at least one such post gaining over 135,000 likes.

A second season or spinoff of Falling Into Your Smile would be announced sometime in late June 2022, exactly one year after the show’s premiere.

Since there has been no word of a second season of Falling Into Your Smile, fans should get used to the idea that season 1 was the last time they would see their favorite gamers return to their TV screens.

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Tv Series Other than “Falling Into Your Smile” and “E-Sports”

While Falling Into Your Smile may have gotten you in the mood for some serious gaming, there are a few additional titles worth checking out if you’re interested in E-sports. When it comes to other Chinese E-Sports series, 2019 saw the releases of the “Big Three,” with Gank Your Heart, The King’s Avatar, and Go Go Squid.

falling into your smile season 2

Ji Ziangkong is a professional gamer who dreams of winning a national championship, and Qiu Ying is a live streamer who aspires to become the next famous commentator, and their tale is told in the romantic series Gank Your Heart.

More than a billion people have seen The King’s Avatar on Tencent Video, making it not only a fan favorite but also a massive internet phenomenon. The show depicts a made-up Esports culture in China and follows one gamer’s ups and downs in the most popular online game, Glory.

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