May 20, 2022

Falling Into Your Smile Season 2: When Will It Release? What Is the Cast?

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Falling into your smile season 2

This season’s popular online Chinese drama “Falling Into Your Smile” has closed, but is the show officially over, or will it return for a second season?

Fans of C-dramas have already had a spectacular year in 2021, even though we’re just halfway through the year.

There have been breakout luck stories like Word of Honor, You Are My Hero, and The Long Ballad.

However, the E-sports segment ‘Falling Into Your Smile’ was one of the greatest in the preceding several months.

With Fallin’ Into Your Smile’s season one finale in the books, viewers are eager to see if season two will be produced or if the show has run its course of respawns.

What can we anticipate in Falling Into Your Smile Season 2?

The final episode of Falling Into Your Smile aired on July 15, 2021. Currently, there is no word about the show’s future. According to the show’s producers, no date has been set for the premiere of the second season. Given the show’s popularity, a second season could be in the works.

falling into your smile season 2

Keep your fingers crossed that this romantic comedy will be renewed for a second season so we can keep watching and cheering on our favorite characters as they find love. Everything about the show, from the characters to the presentation to the direction, was so fluid and natural that it immediately caught our attention.

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Falling Into Your Smile Season 2 (casting)

Xiao Cheng portrays Tong Yao in the cast of the television show Xu Kai has been cast in the role of Lu Si Cheng. In addition to Rachel Wang and Zhai Xiao Wen, a slew of other actors and actresses have been cast in supporting and guest roles. The show’s director is Qiu Zhong Wei.

Falling Into Your Smile focuses on e-sports. It is imperative that the captain find a replacement for the ZGDX OPL group’s star player. In the beginning, Tong Yao is greeted with disdain since she is a woman. As a professional gamer, one must possess a unique set of skills, and this series chronicles their complete path. The drama’s working title is You Are Beautiful When You Smile. Drama types include comedies, romances, documentaries about youth, and so on.


Global viewers were able to keep up with the show because it was aired on a number of different websites. To celebrate the show’s success and ever-growing popularity, several fan pages have been set up. When the show first began, it seemed that any new image or video clip from the story would draw more viewers.

falling into your smile season 2 int

Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao’s chemistry had us riveted to our screens, and we couldn’t get enough of it. We’re left with one question now that Falling Into Your Smile has come to an end: will the show return? For the time being, let’s review Falling Into Your Smile Season 2 as well as the overall drama.

When is the second season of Falling Into Your Smile coming out?

Falling Into Your Smile ended its run on July 15th, 2021, much to the dismay of fans. It is expected that season 2 to be released on   23 June 2022.

falling into your smile season 2 release date

As a result, a second season of the show is a possibility.

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