‘FBI’ International Season Finale Recap: ‘FBI’ Season Finale Pulled by CBS After Texas School Shooting

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Crestfallen, the first season’s finale, Jaeger was promoted after bringing Smit down. She’s gotten a job in an office. She can replace her if she wants to. Her next case with Forrester’s team will be her last. Using a rocket launcher, a private airliner was shot down. The crew as a whole was lost. Authorities were left perplexed as to why another passenger did not board the plane. This case, however, was sent to the FBI due to the victim. The jet that Forrester was supposed to take for his mother belonged to Hutchinson, as per Hutchinson in Hutchinson’s file. He was not the one who carried out the crime. He didn’t want to betray his country, hence he was terrified of doing so.

Forrester, on the other hand, informed his bosses about the incident. They staged a sting operation to locate his mother. As a result, Special Agent Scott Forrester was never able to examine the real file to determine what it said about Hutchinson. He had no idea what Hutchinson had accomplished for the United States or why he had such clout. He had just been informed that his plane had been shot down. Forrester meant to investigate this case like any other, but he instead received requests for reports from both the US government and his mother. He finally heard from his mother after months of silence. Because they had been followed the last time they met each other, Forrester had urged her not to exhibit herself.


In a melancholy moment, the Fly Team congratulated Jaeger. This would be her final case since she’d been promoted. The Fly Team was then briefed on a private plane that had crashed, and it was revealed that there were Americans on board. Forrester, on the other hand, perked up when he met the jet owner, Greg Hutchinson (played by Philip Rosch). Kellet became aware of the situation. The plane was downed by a surface-to-air missile, according to the evidence!

Kellett inquired about the individual with Forrester. He explained that his mother requested the Hutchinson file when he spoke with her. However, he never got his hands on the original file. Forrester was unexpectedly invited to a meeting…

fbi international season finale recap

He heard about Pavel Novikoff through a video conference with his mother, Angela Cassidy (played by Elizabeth Mitchell) (portrayed by Alon Aboutboul). All of Russia’s finest spies regarded Novikoff as the Czar. He was destined to be on that plane, and he was supposed to perish!

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The Bosses should be fired.

Forrester met with Astrid Jensen (Lotte Verbeek), a local Croatian official whom Jaeger had recommended. Forrester contacted his crew to let them know where he was and to request that they keep his supervisors in the dark about his operation. (Kellet countered, but still offered assistance.) Forrester was willing to put his work and life on the line for his traitorous mother.

Dandridge addressed the squad and demanded to know where Forrester was, but they remained silent.

fbi international season finale recap

Meanwhile, Rafferty questioned Forrester in Pula about his rash leadership. He got a shot in the neck out of nowhere! Two shooters attempted to assassinate Forrester and took refuge among a mob of unwitting victims. Jensen, in a dark vehicle, ran to the scene and begged for Forrester to get in.

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Taking A Chance On Everything

Forrester was forced to inform his colleagues of Rafferty’s death and instructed them to inform Dandridge. He explained that the gunmen were the two suspects in the plane bombing. Soon later, Forrester contacted Novikoff, who wished to leave the country safely. Angela is devoted to the United States, according to Novikoff, who confided in Forrester.

They were ambushed by a car sideswiping them when Forrester was transporting Novikoff! They were apprehended by the assailants. They had to move as Jensen kept them back while Forrester brought Novikoff to safety.

fbi international season finale recap

They proceeded more slowly because Novikoff was hurt. One of the gunmen suddenly caught up with them and engaged Forrester in a ferocious fight. Novikoff threw a knife at our top agent, and Forrester killed him. They were on their way to the airport for Novikoff’s deportation when the former Russian spy informed him that his mother wanted to accompany them. Forrester considered going to retrieve her, as she was not far away…

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Is FBI International returning for a second season?

Yes! The second season of FBI International has been picked up for a third season.

FBI: Casting Worldwide

As a Special Agent, Luke Kleintank Forrester, Scott.
As Special Agent, Heida Reed As a Special Agent, Jamie Kellett Carter Redwood As Special Agent, Andre Raines Vinessa Vidotto As a Europol Agent, Cameron Vo Christiane Paul Katrin Jaeger is a writer who lives in the United States.

fbi international season finale recap

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Is FBI International still on the air or has it been canceled?

There is no way! All three blockbuster FBI series have been renewed for two more seasons by CBS.

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