Fortnite X Dragon Ball Release Date: Game Play, Event Details, Prizes, and More Details!


Several new Dragon Ball-themed products and challenges have been added to Fortnite since the arrival of the Dragon Ball event.

In the latest update to Fortnite, players now have access to new weapons and abilities, such as the Kamehameha and the Nimbus Cloud, respectively. Dragon Ball tasks can be completed for a variety of Dragon Ball-themed rewards.

All the Dragon Ball tasks and their corresponding rewards in Fortnite are outlined below, along with detailed instructions on how to complete each one.

When will Fortnite’s next Dragon Ball Z challenges be available to play?

There are a total of seven Dragon Ball challenge sets in Fortnite, one for each ball. The Dragon Ball tasks, which are separate from the Warmup and Sparring sets, will be unlocked gradually over the course of the event, giving you until Tuesday, August 30 to finish them all.The Fortnite X Dragon Ball will be released on August 19, 2022

The next Dragon Ball tasks will be available on the following days regardless of whether you have completed the previous ones or not:

Wednesday, August 17: Strength Challenges
Difficulties in Agility Practice on August 18
Attempts at Endurance this Friday, August 19
Challenges in Concentration Training on August 20
Recovery Obstacles on August 21

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The following hours and days are when you can find the Dragon Ball challenges:

  • UK – 10am (BST)
  • Europe – 11 am (CEST)
  • East Coast US – 5 am (EDT)
  • West Coast US – 2 am (PDT)

What exactly happens during the Dragon Ball event in Fortnite?

There are new Dragon Ball-themed skins available for purchase in the game’s store, as well as challenges and rewards for completing those challenges (details of which are provided below).

The ability to send your enemies flying with a Kamehameha isn’t the only thing that sets this event apart from other tie-in Fortnite events; the Dragon Ball awards and the method through which they are unlocked are also noteworthy.

To get the cosmic rewards, you’ll still have to accomplish the Dragon Ball challenges, but in exchange for your efforts, you’ll get either Power Level points or a Dragon Ball.

fortnite x dragon ball release date

The bulk of the game’s loot may be found in the small Dragon Ball–themed battle pass, which will be filled with points earned by increasing your Power Level. In the same way that completing challenges in Dragon Ball brings you closer to a new reward based on your Battle Royale Level, increasing your Power Level brings you closer to a new reward based on your Power Level.

However, the Dragon Balls themselves can only be obtained by first completing one of seven unique challenges associated with each Dragon Ball set. You can fly the Shenron Glider after gathering all seven Dragon Balls.

This means that you can skip over the other difficulties if you only want the Shenron Glider. However, if you’re a fan of Dragon Ball, you’ll want to finish all of the Dragon Ball tasks to achieve the maximum Power Level (which is almost 9,000) and gain access to all of the goodies.

You don’t need to be a fan of Dragon Ball to enjoy this event, as the rewards are five more Battle Royale levels. As we enter the last month of Season 3, these bonus levels will help you quickly progress through the Battle Pass.

Competition for political dominance

Prepare to show off your might in the global Tournament of Power on August 18, 2022, in the Competitive playlist. Win one of these awesome prizes by competing in our Battle Royale Duos competition!

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Top Half of the Leaderboard: Vegeta’s Angry Face

Attainment of 8 Leaderboard Points, Reward of Goku’s Kanji Banner Icon

Earn 3 Points for a Successful Kamehameha: Beerus’s Eating Spray

Within the three-hour Fortnite window, you can play as many as ten matches. Currently, the Compete menu in-game is the only place to find region-specific event times.

There will be a separate Kamehameha Leaderboard for the Tournament of Power, where the devastating finishing move can be used to eliminate opponents. You can get the Beerus Eating Spray if you eliminate three enemies using Kamehameha.

To take part, players need to be at least level 50 on their Epic account and have a 2-factor authentication set and verified.

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