Fox 911 Season 6 Finale – Finale Breakup and the Future of Other Couples in Season 6

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With the Season 5 conclusion on Monday, “9-1-1” granted its characters a well-earned rest. With the exception of Buck (Oliver Stark) and Taylor’s (Megan West) tumultuous relationship, which came to an end, almost everyone had a happy ending of some form — but that means better things are on the way for both of them.

Bobby (Peter Krause) escaped his near-relapse thanks to Eddie (Ryan Guzman), Bobby and Athena (Angela Bassett) deciding to take that honeymoon they’ve been waiting for for many seasons, Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Chimney (Kenneth Choi) keeping the door open for each other, and Hen (Aisha Hinds) and Karen (Tracie Thoms) being treated to a beautiful

Variety spoke with co-showrunner Kristen Reidel about the “9-1-1” finale, including how Season 5 concluded for all of the 118 couples and where the rest of the cast will go in Season 6.

Why did Eddie rush to Bobby’s aid and prevent him from relapsing without even realizing it?

Bobby has always been supportive of Eddie. Not only this season but since Shannon’s death as well. Bobby and Eddie resemble each other in many ways. Both have lost wives and children. They’re both responsible folks.

fox 911 season 6 finale

Bobby has always been the man who has offered Eddie guidance and guided him whenever he has been in difficulties. Bobby’s assistance in enabling Eddie’s presence was particularly significant to us. “Oh, I see where Bobby might be headed down a dangerous path,” Eddie was in a nice place where he could recognize. I’ll show up and tell him everything will be fine; you’re a kind person.” And it was the logical conclusion to Eddie’s tale this season: he’s in a position to help someone else.

Is Athena and Bobby’s honeymoon going to be shown in Season 6 Finale?

We wanted to get Athena and Bobby to a nice position and have some fun with them the following year. But amusing in the sense of “9-1-1.” We’ve spoken about doing their honeymoon for a long time but have never been able to execute it due to a variety of factors. So, perhaps, we’ll see some of that in the Season 6 finale.

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Is there any way Buck and Taylor won’t break up in the finale?

Because of who they are, it was always a foregone conclusion that they would perish. Taylor is a person who values the truth above all else. It takes precedence over a person’s emotions.

fox 911 season 6 finale intro

She simply sees her function in the world through a broader lens. Buck is the polar opposite, thus this will always be a problem for him. Buck values people above all else. To his detriment on occasion. Buck has wanted to be the person who is “stuck” for a long time. He tried it on Abby, Ali, and Taylor. He believed that if he could just show up, put in enough effort, and be a good guy, everything would fall into place. “I’m not happy,” he realized in the end. And if this isn’t a healthy relationship, perhaps it’s best if I leave.” Buck realizes he doesn’t have to be with someone simply to stay with them, and this is a turning moment for him.

Why did you get Maddie and Chimney doesn’t try to reunite?

Chimney and Maddie have made a concerted effort to act like grownups since returning from Boston. They share a child and have been separated for a long period. They seemed to need to end their relationship. They still care for one other and remain friends, nevertheless.


“Oh, my God,” Chimney thought when his ex called and said, “Hey, I want to take you to lunch, we need to chat.” She’s ready to take the next step.” And Maddie wasn’t, but now that it’s out there, they both have to consider what it would mean if they moved on with someone else. And I think at that point, they realize they’ll always come back to each other. It’s somewhat unfinished. They meet at the same food truck, which is our idea of a meet-cute. There is also reason to be optimistic about the future.

What inspired Toni to have the wedding of Hen and Karen redone?

hen and karen

It was truly a healing time for all involved. Toni had initially been unsupportive of the marriage. And it’s that thing where you hope to get over it and mend. And in recent years, we’ve seen Toni living with them and becoming a part of the family in a new way. Karen admires Toni and treasures what she has. However, the wound persists. She had vanished. And so I believe that this moment, where they can all come together and get a second opportunity at having the perfect wedding day, is a beautiful, healing time that pulls that family closer together.

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Will the crimes committed by Jonah in the second half of the season be revisited next season?

tony hen

Jonah is almost finished. Regarding what happened with Jonah, there may be some ramifications for one or two of our characters next season. However, I can assure the audience that Jonah will not escape from prison next year. He is incarcerated and will remain so.

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