Giggity 420: After Seeing a Tik Tok Video, Giggity 4204 Became a Trend on Google

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The video posted by TikToker Giggity4204 with the caption “Google me” has received over 2 million views.

Because of Giggity4204’s widespread appeal, the adoption of that moniker has become something of a fad within the TikTok community. Here, we explain the background of the Giggity 420 phenomenon and how it came to be.

When did “Giggity 420” become so popular?

To begin, it’s important to define what the “Giggity 420” phenomenon entails. A TikTok user going by the name ‘Giggity 4204’ has been fooling people into thinking they’ve found the correct result when they search for ‘Giggity 420’ She recommends that her audience check their own Google search histories.

Why do people even care to find it, anyway? For the simple reason that anyone searching Giggity 420 anticipates coming across some adult content. The context of the video naturally led many to this conclusion.

We don’t even know this girl’s real name on social media. So, what exactly did she do in that video? The search term “Giggity 420” was typed into the Google search bar as she was being filmed, and she encouraged her audience to do the same. People were curious, so they looked it up. What did they learn, though? Nothing at all. A large number of pieces. That’s why we’re clearing things up for you.

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The Giggity 420 Tiktok Trend Defined

Simply put, the somewhat obtuse video posted by TikToker Giggity4204 encouraged his or her followers to look up “Giggity 420” on Google.

The social media personality, who goes by an alias, prompted viewers to Google “Giggity 420” by recording herself doing so. Many viewers, anticipating the video’s subject matter, imagined an explicit turn of phrase in the search’s outcomes.

giggity 420

When you type the name into Google, you won’t find a lot of results. The weight of evidence implies that she made the video to boost the popularity of her other social media channels. If the original TikTok video gets over 2 million views, then the strategy must be working.

The same media source suggests that Giggity4204 may be promoting her Instagram account via her TikTok videos.

Video Goes Viral

The practice of essentially “tricking” followers into Googling something has been popular on TikTok for some time, and it has recently had a resurgence thanks to Giggity4204’s video.

TikTok users are uploading videos of themselves typing their name or login into Google’s search bar, but they aren’t sharing the results. To satisfy their own curiosity, the followers then go and look up the name on Google. Over 54,000 videos have been created using the same TikTok sound that was used in Giggity4204’s original video.

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The Impact of A Viral Tiktok on Its Followers

When viewers saw that the phrase “Giggity 420” yields almost no results in Google search, they vented their frustrations in the video’s comments section.

As one guy put it, “everyone done got played.”

Don’t fall for the trap,” warned another.

Someone another posted on the thread, saying, “Nothing appears.”

Giggity4204 has over 100,000 followers despite being a “hidden account,” as stated in the TikTok bio.

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