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Gomorrah is an Italian crime TV show that was made by Roberto Saviano for Sky Atlantic and distributed by Sky Vision. In the show, Roberto Saviano wrote a book with the same title that he used in the show itself. The show first aired on the Sky Atlantic network in Italy on May 6, 2014. There has been four seasons total, and the fifth season, which began airing on November 19, 2021, will last until December 17, 2021. The Gomorrah movie from 2008 is also based on the same book, but it’s not connected to the show that was on TV at the time.

Marco D’Amore, who also directed two scenes of the fourth season of Gomorrah and “The Immortal,” is in charge of the early five scenes and the ninth scenes. Claudio Cupellini, who has been in charge of the show since the beginning, is in charge of scenes six to eight and ten.

At the end of Season 5, who dies?

In the first four episodes of the fifth season of Gomorrah, the Levante family is killed off, and the show moves on. Even Saro, Ciccio, and Grazia Levante can’t escape the wrath of Gennaro Savastano after the fourth season finale was killed off by him. When Grazia challenges O Maestrale, he makes her cold. Saro and Ciccio are killed by the killers of Genevieve.

When a powerful drug dealer dies, this season starts off with that death. Nunzia, the widow of ‘O Galantommo, will come to Ciro’s side after Don Gennaro kills her husband. This feud will cause more blood to spill. It will be like that of Enzo Sangue Blu, Ciro’s first lieutenant. Gennaro will leave him behind, and the Immortal will choke him to death.

gomorrah 5

In the last two episodes of the season, the most shocking deaths happen, and they happen there. It all started with Ponticielli’s boss, “O Mistral,” who was very angry. Together with ‘O Munaciello,’ the two of them decided to go to Ciro’s side. As Gennaro has lost the war for Secondigliano, the Immortal comes to Munaciè. That’s what Ciro wants from the other person, so the other person has to give in. Ciro shoots “O Maestrale” while still staring at “O Munaciello.” In the meantime, Ciro and his men are going to Azzurra to set up a trap for her. Luciana will not be able to get away. She and her husband both die at the same time.

O Munaciello will not be able to escape the wrath of Don Gennaro. A group of people called the Savastano will attack “O Munaciello,” killing him and taking revenge for him betraying them. Ninth episode: Nunzia, the widow of ‘O Galantommo, is also executed in this episode, but she doesn’t die. The one ordered by Ciro, who doesn’t want her to get in the way of her revenge against the Savastano. A group of people who believe in the Immortal, dressed as cops, stop Nunzia and shoot her.

gomorahh season 6 intro

Genevieve Savastano and Ciro di Marzio, two of the most heartbreaking deaths, are the last two things that happen. Don Gennaro is killed first by Nunzia’s men, who went to the beach to get revenge for Ciro’s betrayal and killed him. When his friend dies, the latter rises up with the thought that the war is over. A bullet, on the other hand, doesn’t work that way. It causes him to land on the sand, not the ground. The bodies of Ciro and Genny lie together and show that they fought together for a long time.

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Gomorrah Season 5 Trailer:

Gomorrah isn’t going to have a Sixth Season

The fifth season of the show is currently on HBO Max in the United States.

Marco D’Amore, who plays Ciro Di Marzio, and Salvatore Esposito, who plays Gennaro Savastano, also known as Genny, are the two main characters in the last season. Their twisted ways lead to crazy results.

As a director, Claudio Cupellini said, “These two characters have been the heart and soul of the series more than anyone else.” He has been one of the series’ core directors since it began.

D’Amore and Esposito are “almost brothers, friends, and enemies,” but they don’t always agree with each other. Then, “Both are in a constant fight for their own self-worth; for survival; for the biggest share; for power,” Cupellini said.

gomorrah season 6 intro

One of the show’s producers, Riccardo Tozzi, also told People magazine that the only reason the show did so well was because it focused on Italy’s idealist tradition, which “we advanced by adding genre codes and conventions that made it international.”

This is what Gina Gardini, the show’s executive producer, said: “The beginning point for the head writers, especially, was always to do an in-depth investigation and then build our story around that. The beauty of this long process which has been going on for years is that, along with this powerful reality, this exclusively evil point of view, we also built characters that are so meaty, so monstrously beautiful.”

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“It’s not just about criminal power, or about family, or violence.”

There have been five great seasons, and now it’s time for the show to come to an end. The whole Gomorrah seemed to have made up their minds. It’s time to say goodbye to the show, not keep it going just for the sake of making money.

He said, “The idea was to die while we were still alive and keep the show’s narrative energy at its peak.” There won’t be another season of “Gomorrah.”

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