How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on An Android Smartphone

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Having an important SMS message accidentally erased is always a terrifying experience. Where do you go from here? People that need to save their messages will do anything to do so. Recovering lost text messages requires a bit of legwork, but it’s possible with a bit of effort. There is still hope of retrieving those priceless SMS messages, and we can assist you in doing so.

What You Need to Know About Deletion and Storing

Have you ever heard the claim that files deleted from your computer might still exist in some form? Absolutely correct. Files like that are stashed away on the hard drive until they are needed again… or deleted. In fact, this also occurs with Android phones.

When we delete something, like a text message, it doesn’t go away completely until either enough time has passed or more room is needed to keep other data.

how to retrieve deleted text messages

You might be scratching your head right now, trying to figure out how on earth this is possible. When we consider how deletion operates, we see that it’s not a particularly complicated idea. Trashing a file (in this case, an SMS or MMS message) typically doesn’t permanently delete it from the system. Technically, it’s just out of sight.

The inactive status will be assigned to this file on your device. This means it can be easily overlooked and swapped out. The “deleted” data will be gradually replaced by newer files as you continue to use your device. In other words, if you need to retrieve that text message, you should cease using your phone immediately, as doing so may render it permanently unretrievable in the future.

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There Is a Good Chance that Your Carrier Has a Record of All Your Text Messages

Even though this isn’t a fix, it’s the knowledge that could be useful in some scenarios. It has been discovered that many mobile service providers keep recordings of your text messages and other data for long periods of time. Unfortunately, they probably won’t give it back to you just because you mistakenly deleted something.

However, in rare cases, carriers may help the police out. Messages sent using these services have been used as evidence in court, helping users who were previously in legal hot water.

You or the court could make a request for the recovery of deleted messages if necessary. Most of us won’t benefit from this, so let’s move on to what will actually help you.

Messages sent through some carriers’ proprietary apps can be stored in the cloud. Messages, for instance, can be backed up and synchronized across devices with Verizon Messages. It also provides a web app and desktop software so that you may read your texts from any computer.

Additionally, AT&T offers a backup and synchronization service for your text messages. If you use one of these services and accidentally delete an SMS, it may be worthwhile to search through backups or alternative messaging apps on different devices.

Make Use of File Recovery Software

So, you’ve lost everything and now you need to get your texts back. Using data recovery software to search your phone for deleted files and retrieve whatever may still exist may be the only way to get them back.

In order to get data recovery tools for Android smartphones, all you have to do is conduct a search on Google. Some are gratis, while others cost money; however, many of the latter provide a trial period at no cost. Android Data Recovery, Dr Fone, Tenorshare UltData, and FonePaw are just a few of the more well-known options.

The procedure is simple once you have the necessary software. To use the software, you download it to your computer. Some software requires that the device be connected to a computer, while others may make use of a mobile application. The software will have complete documentation. After a scan, the app will display all of the data that may be retrieved.

These software solutions are useful for more than just recovering lost text messages. They aid in data recovery, whether it be images, movies, or written materials.

Get yourself some file-recovery software:

  • Recovering Lost Data on Android
  • Prof. Fone, MD
  • Intent Data Mining with Tenorshare UltData
  • FonePaw

Please Prevent This from Happening Again

As you’ve just discovered, retrieving lost SMS messages isn’t exactly a piece of cake. Not that it should be… So, you finally got rid of that annoying object.

Fortunately, computers are designed to function in a specific way. In any case, avoiding a problem altogether is always preferable to having to fix it afterward. There are a variety of programs that can help you archive your text messages and other data. Let’s check out a few of them.

Save Old Messages in An Archive Instead of Destroying Them

Avoid deleting messages from your SMS inbox entirely. Google Messenger‘s threaded conversations are easily saved for further reference.

You can bring them back later, or you can bring them back anytime the same dialogue is continued. To avoid losing important text messages, it could be helpful to develop the practice of saving them in an archive.

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Archiving Conversations on Google Chat:

Bring up the Google Messages app.

Keep the pressure on and don’t let go of the thread.

Click the button labeled “Archive” (box with an arrow pointing down).

The Archived option is now available via the three-dot menu button.

Press and hold the thread you wish to unarchive, and then select the appropriate option from the menu that appears (box with an arrow pointing up).

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