Techniques on How to Screenshot on Hp Laptop?

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Take a screenshot of your laptop screen using your smartphone to save your work or keep track of your selections before submitting it online. Sharing screenshots of online fixes you find can be a huge help to people who are also trying to solve the same problem.

We’ve included the five most straightforward methods for taking screenshots on an HP laptop, but there are many other options.

Five Simple Methods for Capturing on An Hp Laptop

Taking a screenshot is a fast approach to back up your work or to aid your peers in solving a problem, as was indicated above.

If you are unable to provide a live example of a procedure when instructing students in the classroom, you can fall back on the usage of screenshots. Check out these 5 simple methods for capturing images on your HP laptop.

1. Press the Windows Key Plus the Letter W to Capture a Screenshot

  • This shortcut key is the ideal choice for taking a screenshot on an HP laptop because it captures the entire screen and then gives you the option to crop out unwanted areas.
  • After that, you can store your screenshot where you like. To bring up the Windows Search box, hit the Windows key and the W key at the same time, as shown in the figure below:
how to screenshot on hp
  • If you don’t need the complete screen captured, you can crop the image to only show the relevant parts of the screen, or you can use different colored highlighters to make the screenshot more unique.
  • Following the personalization process, you have the option of saving, copying, or sharing the screenshot with others

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2. Using the Windows Key + PrtScn to Take a Screenshot

It’s possible that this is the quickest and easiest technique to capture the entire screen on your HP laptop. When you hit the Window and PrtScn (print screen) keys at the same time, the screen goes dark for a split second and a screenshot is saved.

3. Pressing Shift + Windows + S to Take a Screenshot

  • You may be interested in this method if you wish to capture simply a portion of your desktop onto a USB drive. This alternative method of taking screenshots on an HP laptop involves using a shorter set of keys.
  • Taking a screenshot is as easy as pressing SHIFT+WIN+S on your keyboard at the same time. When you do this, a little bar with a few options will display at the top of your laptop screen.
  • You can choose a rectangular, circular, or full-screen region of the screen to capture a screenshot from this menu.
  • When you capture a screenshot, it will be copied to your computer’s clipboard so you can easily use it in other applications or share it via email.
  • You can also access the same menu that you see when you hit the Window key plus the letter S by clicking on the pop-up shown in the image below.

4. Press the Windows Key Plus the Letter G to Take a Screenshot

  • If you wish to take a screenshot while streaming live on your HP laptop, press the Window key in combination with the G key. You can take a screenshot of your screen by selecting the capture option from the menu that appears on the upper left of your screen and then clicking the corresponding camera icon.
  • One neat feature of this method is that it stores screenshots with the name of the program or website they were taken from, making it easier to keep track of which screenshots belong to which contexts.
  • The stored screenshot can be retrieved in two ways: using the gallery’s open file location option, or via the file location itself.
  • Optionally, you can stick to the outlined route.
  • This strategy is ideal for live stream gamers who want to capture the highest-scoring moments of their gameplay or the game’s leaderboard.

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5. Using the System’s Default Screenshot Capture Utility

  • Last but not least, the snipping tool allows you to capture a screenshot of a custom region or the entire screen, and then edit that screenshot however you choose.
  • This program is already pre-installed on your Windows PC and ready to go to work for you right now. It is necessary to type “snipping tool” into the Windows search bar in order to access it.
  • As soon as you launch the snipping tool, you’ll be presented with its user interface.
  • Select the region you wish to capture by clicking the new icon in the snipping tool’s main menu. Afterward, the program will prompt you to save the snapshot; do so wherever you like.

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