Inferno Song Ji-A Comes Back to Instagram After Scandal-Related Break

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Singer Ji-A, who rose to fame on Netflix’s Singles Inferno, has returned to social media after a five-month hiatus following a scandal involving counterfeit luxury goods.

Song Ji-A, or FreeZia to her devoted followers, is her more common name. She developed a sizable online following from posting vlogs about her daily life on YouTube before appearing on the South Korean dating show.

Ji-A gained notoriety on the pioneering South Korean dating show Single’s Inferno. While audiences adored her character, she found herself in the middle of a dispute over some of her “luxury stuff” shortly after the series finale.

After a Hiatus of Five Months, Song Ji-A Has Returned

Song Ji-A returned to her social media accounts on June 2 to celebrate the arrival of the month of June. After waiting until February 2022, she finally posted.

Written in English by All Kpop, Ji-A posted a new selfie to her 3.3 million followers on Instagram. Since Single’s Inferno ended, she has changed dramatically, and she posted this photo, “Thanks to everyone that supported me. So far, so good for me. How have you been doing?

inferno song ji-a comes back to instagram after scandal-related break

Nearly one million people have shown their approval by liking the photo, signalling a new beginning for the reality TV star. Excited to see their favourite reality star back, fans of the celebrity sent messages welcoming her.

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Her Popularity Skyrocketed, but The Internet “cancelled” It Not Long After

The South Korean candidate in Single’s Inferno was a fan favourite, and not just among the other singles competing for the show’s cash prize.

Despite being stuck on an island, fans couldn’t take their eyes off of her pricey outfit and fashion flair, for which she received accolades along with her ability to set limits and have three boys battle for her until the end of the show.

Although, internet users were beginning to realise that Ji-wardrobe A’s choices in the reality show were not authentic. There have been several articles written about how her clothing style is similar to those of other celebrities, such as Jennie of BLACKPINK. Ji-A was “cancelled” by the internet and received a lot of hate mail and criticism when she appeared on the show.

The 25-year-handwritten old’s letter of apology to her subscribers was uploaded some days later. She said she needed time away from social media “to think on her behaviour.” A few hours later, her Instagram and YouTube accounts were deleted entirely.

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While on Hiatus, Ji-A Donated $16,000 to Various Organisations

She has been quietly helping people in her neighbourhood despite being in the shadows. Earlier in March, Ji-A gave 20 Million (about $16,000) to those affected by the forest fires in Gyeongsangbuk-do.

According to G Star Live, she gave to the Korean Red Cross. Citizens were moved by the Red Cross’s announcement of the donation to their cause on the internet.

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