Ink Master Season 14 – Did The Show Finally Get Renewed?

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The 13-season run of “Ink Master” had a difficult year for its fans in 2020. According to TMZ, Oliver Peck’s blackface photos appeared around the start of season 13. However, even though he had been fired by Paramount Network, because episodes for the upcoming season had already been taped, he continued to appear on the network.

There was no way to record the live finale or award the title of “Ink Master” because of the COVID-19 epidemic, so the season finale for season 13 was postponed.


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Unfortunately, the reality show’s bad luck didn’t end there; shortly after the season was cut short, it was announced that season 14 would be cancelled. As part of Paramount’s ongoing push toward more scripted programming, the decision to bring back “Ink Master” was made.

Ink Master’s” Season 14 will go ahead, according to Deadline, as Paramount’s new streaming platform, Paramount+, attracts more and more viewers. The future of the series is unknown at this point, but here are some of the things we know about it so far:

When will Ink Master Season 14 be released?

On June 11, 2019, Season 12 of “Ink Master” premiered, followed seven months later on January 7, 2020, by Season 13, demonstrating how quickly new episodes of the show can be filmed and released. As long as the current public health issue caused by COVID-19 persists, Paramount executives may not feel confident pursuing a second season of the show.


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New episodes of “Ink Master” will be expected to premiere on 7 June 2022. Season 10 of Tattoos would be an excellent opportunity for Paramount+ to promote the new season as a celebration of 10 years of incredible (and occasionally less-than-awesome) tattoos if it were to relaunch in 2012.

There have been many spin-offs from “Ink Master,” including Grudge Match and Angels. For now, Paramount hasn’t said if any of those will follow suit, or if they’re waiting to see how the primary series’ renewal will be received by fans.

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Who do you think will be joining the cast of Ink Master Season 14?

There’s a good chance that the next season will feature a new crop of tattoo artists vying for a shot at big money and the moniker “Ink Master.”

As of right now, no one knows who will be evaluating their abilities.

ink master season 14 cast

That leaves only Dave Navarro and Chris Nez as the remaining judges, with Oliver Peck not returning. They may want to return if they haven’t taken any new jobs since the end of the programme in 2020, which is a possibility. There have been many guest judges on “Ink Master” over the years, so it’s possible that one of them will join the show full-time to fill the third judge slot.

There’s also the possibility that Paramount would prefer a new start. A new panel of judges could be brought in to breathe new life into the future programmes. A few new judges could help keep the show fresh after 13 seasons, so it’s time for a change.

Is there an Ink Master Season 14 trailer available?

Since its resurrection was confirmed in February 2021, no date has been set for “Ink Master” to run again. An official trailer may not be available for some time. As evidenced by the fact that the season 13 trailer was released in November of 2019, two months before the first episode of the season aired, it is most likely that it will run before season 14. In this case, it’s highly likely that something similar will occur again.

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As a way to build excitement for the reality show’s return, Paramount+ could release a special video, perhaps one that reveals who will take the place of Judge 3? An opportunity to give fans a taste of what’s to come if all three characters are new would be ideal.

Fortunately, there is still a chance for all of you tattoo artists out there to become an “Ink Master.” In the meantime, enjoy this teaser for Season 13!


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