Is Jess Dead in The Dark Season 3? Revealing Character’s Destiny!

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Season 3 of the CW crime drama In the Dark is now available on Netflix, and viewers are anxious to learn what happened to Jess Damon.

Corinne Kingsbury’s In the Dark stars Perry Mattfeld, Brooke Markham, Casey Deidrick, Keston John, Morgan Krantz, and Theodore Bhat as Murphy, a blind twenty-year-old who must juggle romantic interests, murder investigations, and drug deliveries.

The Identity of Jess Damon Remains a Mystery

Brooke Markham plays Jess Damon, a pivotal character in the program. Jess has known Murphy Mason since they were little; she now lives with her and helps Murphy Mason with her disabilities.

Is Jess Dead in The Dark Season 3? Revealing Character's Destiny!

The persona is also established as a vet at Guiding Hope.

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Will Jess Meet an Untimely End in Season 3?

Contrary to popular belief, Jess Damon does not perish in the third season of In the Dark.

When Jess was knocked out and hauled away at the start of season 3, viewers naturally became concerned for her well-being.

After the shocking events of episode 6 of season 3, fans were relieved to learn that Jess is still alive and on the run, and season 4 will undoubtedly follow her perilous path.

Won’t It Take Forever for The Cw Show to Return for Season 4?

The CW has officially renewed season 4 of In the Dark. The renewal of In the Dark was confirmed by The CW months before the third season of the show debuted.

Network CEO and Chairman Mark Pedowitz said in a statement that the early extensions allow the creative team to begin plotting out future story arcs. Furthermore, Pedowitz noted that The CW can now create a more balanced schedule of content months in advance.

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In the Dark viewership dropped by 45 percent in its second season, with only 424,000 people tuning in. After a mixed response to the first six episodes of season 3, it is likely that the balance of the season will also see ups and downs in the ratings.

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