Is Rod Wave Shotgun? Rapper Debunked From Twitter Rumours!

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Despite what some tweets might have you believe, Rod Wave is apparently not dead or shot.

Twitter has been flooded with “RIP Rod Wave” posts, leading many to conclude that the rapper has passed away. Celebrity death hoaxes are nothing new to the social media site, with a new one cropping up apparently every week.

We end the rumours that the rapper had passed away in this piece. Nonetheless, new internet rumours have spread the idea that Rod Wave was shot.

Have The Rod Wave Shot?

Once again, Twitter users were led to believe that Rod Wave had been shot, playing into the hands of the rumour mill.

is rod wave shotgun? rapper debunked from twitter rumours

Nothing has been reported or confirmed officially about Rod Wave being shot, thus the rumours must be false. It seems that Facebook posts reporting a gunshot started the rumour mill.

When Did Rumours of Deaths Begin?

The rumours about Rod Wave‘s death aren’t the first he’s dealt with.

In November, a user on Twitter predicted that Rod Wave would die in a tweet, which sparked rumours that he had passed away.

The user presented their scenario for the death supported by gemetria as “evidence.” Gematria is a Jewish and Christian method of encoding messages using numerical correspondences between Hebrew letters.

In this scenario, the code was utilised to establish a connection between the result of the Rod Wave code and the number of days remaining in the year as of November 23: 38.

The user then proceeds to demonstrate a number of other purported connections between critical dates in the hypothesis, such as Rod Wave’s birthdate and the gematria code of terms associated with the rapper.

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Who Is This Rod Wave?

Rod Wave is an American rapper known for his hits Rags2Riches and Heart on Ice, among others, who has been the subject of death rumours.

The rapper, who is only 21, has 3.1 million Instagram followers under the name @rodwave. Rod Wave is a Florida native who has collaborated musically and performed live with NBA Youngboy and Lil Baby.

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