Is There Online Co-Op or Multiplayer for Cuphead? How To Utilize Remote Cooperative for DLC


Today marks the release of the Cuphead add-on The Delicious Last Course, which adds support for online multiplayer co-op on PC.

There’s a lot coming with the upcoming downloadable content. It adds a new playable character dubbed Ms. Chalice, as well as the usual assortment of innovative bosses you may use to break your controller over and over again.

It retains the same level of brilliance that made the single-player experience stand out, but the multiplayer options are still very limited.

So, Does Cuphead Have Online Multiple Players?

Neither the original Cuphead game nor its DLC, The Delicious Last Course, support online co-op or multiplayer.

The game supports co-op, however, it’s only a local feature. Unfortunately, this has been the nature of the game from the very beginning.

To play with a friend, you’ll need to plug in a second controller to your system. Modern games would benefit greatly from incorporating local co-op play with friends.

However, individuals who are unable to play locally on a PC can do so over the internet.

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To play Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC with a friend online, you can use Steam’s Remote Play feature.

is there online co-op or multiplayer for cuphead? how to utilize remote cooperative for dlc

Steam’s Remote Play functionality is supported by the game. In order to play remote co-op, one player must start the game, bring up the Steam overlay, and invite another player from their Friends List.

Visit the Remote Play page for further details. When Steam’s Remote Play feature isn’t functioning, you can switch to Parsec.

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