Joker 2 Release Date: Is This Thriller Film Coming in 2024?

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We’re living in a world where a sequel to The Joker is almost certain. A release date has been set in addition to a title. Because of the success of the original Joaquin Phoenix-led Joker movie, Warner Bros. Pictures has decided to revisit the early days of the clown prince of crime in a new film.

Remember that Todd Phillips’ Joker earned over $1 billion worldwide and received largely positive reviews from critics, unlike many of the other DC movies that have been produced. He even won an Oscar for his performance as a leading actor in the picture (which was also nominated for a film of the year).

Will Phillips’ Joker get in the way of Robert Pattinson’s The Batman in The Dark Knight? What can we look forward to in this follow-up? Find out now.

A Release Date for Joker 2 Has Been Set

Joker 2 will premiere on October 4, 2024, with Deadline reports (opens in new tab).

You’re not alone if you’d forgotten that there would be a Joker 2 in development. When it was revealed that writer/director Todd Phillips had signed on to “co-write the next Joker installment” as part of an article on Hollywood’s most prominent lawyers for The Hollywood Reporter, speculation regarding the project took off. That implies we’re ready to go.

The original Joker film was written in 2017 and premiered at the 76th Venice International Film Festival in 2019, a two-year process. Joker 2 is expected to be released around late 2023.

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Joker 2 cast

A sequel to Joker 2 is expected to be directed by Todd Phillips and released by Warner Bros. following the success of the 2019 release of Joker, which grossed about $1 billion in ticket sales.

Phillips collaborated with Joker co-writer Scott Silver to craft the script. This time around, Joker: Folie à deux will be the name of Phillips’ new project, which refers to a medical word for the same or comparable mental disorder that affects two or more people, typically members of the same family.

joker 2 release date

According to THR sources, Lady Gaga is also considering a role in Joker 2, but nothing is known about her character just yet. Joker’s on-and-off connection with Harley Quinn at Arkham Asylum’s mental institution is still a well-known aspect of the character’s persona, nevertheless.

The 2018 adaptation of A Star Is Born, which stars Joker producer Bradley Cooper and Gaga, was produced by Phillips earlier. It isn’t obvious if Phillips and his crew are relying on DC characters or doing it alone, as they did in numerous cases in the first film.

Joker 2 title

Joker 2 is merely a working title. The full title of the film is Joker: Folie à Deux, according to an Instagram post by director Todd Philips.

The term is loosely translated as “shared lunacy,” which makes sense given what we just listened to.

The storyline of Joker 2

Joker 2 is said to be a musical, according to The Hollywood Reporter(opens in new tab). It has also been reported that “a lot” of the film will take place at the asylum. Because of this, the “shared craziness” in the title is apt. Moreover, this is in line with the rumored star of the picture.

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There is no trailer released yet for season 2. For Now, you have to enjoy the Joker season 1 trailer:

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