Kelly Clarson’s Daughter Gets Bullied At School For Being Dyslexic Gave Her Misery


River Rose, Kelly Clarkson’s daughter suffers from dyslexia which often than not gets her bullied at school. She revealed that it gave her a broken heart that people judge other people for having impairment.

Kelly Clarson’s Daughter Gets Bullied At School For Being Dyslexic Gave Her Misery (Photo: Life & Style)


Kelly Clarson on daughter with Dyslexia.

Kelly Clarkson shed tears as she admitted that her dyslexic daughter is pushed around in school. She opened up on a recent edition of The Kelly Clarkson Show that her daughter River Rose is battling with dyslexia.

She spoke about it with famed sitcom actor Henry Winkler, who has a learning handicap. For being a stereotypical underachiever as a child, Winkler has authored several novels for children As a result of his undiagnosed dyslexia.

Clarkson said her daughter became inspired as she’s not the only one, labeling multiple famous people struggling with the same illness.


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Henry Winkler: On having Dyslexia.

One in five kids has dyslexia, Winkler reassured her. And spoke to Clarkson’s daughter through the camera, saying, that Your ability to learn is unrelated to your intelligence, Clarkson teared up as Winkler made her realize that dyslexia is common to children. In an interview, Winkler said that he never really thought he could write a book because he felt stupid due to his condition and opened up about his struggles, he thought he was stupid when you often hear it being said many times and you do not have the emotional support you can cling on to. Learning became more challenging when you have no sense of self.

In the face of struggles early in life, it’s music to his ears whenever someone reads his books as it is one of his greatest accomplishments.


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