Line of Duty Season 7 Netflix: Will There Be A New Season?


Our Lady of Lourdes. A little intense, was not it, “Line of Duty,” Season 6? H/the Fourth Man was ultimately revealed in the British show’s startling end after ten years on television. That is unless it actually happened. We’ll get to it later, but the show’s stratospheric climb really struck a crescendo this year, even being called the highest-rated UK TV drama in 13 years by Deadline. However, because of the ongoing pandemic, filming of Season 6 had to be postponed, making its reappearance even more welcome.

Because all nice things must end. Due to emotional Tweets from various cast members during airings of Season 6, there has been considerable speculation that Season 6 of “Line of Duty” will be it’s last. OCG (Organized Crime Gang) still controls the police force thanks to powerfully corrupt senior officers that sit high above AC-12, so it’s safe to say it’s open season for a comeback now.

Do you know when ‘Line of Duty will be back on our television screens? Here’s what we’ve learned thus far about this.

The release date of Line of Duty Season 7

While it is highly unlikely that “Line of Duty” Season 7 will not be returning to our screens, it is possible that we may be waiting a long time. A regular season of six episodes airs from March to April, however, Season 6 got an extra episode to cover all the story’s twists and turns because of how complex the plot was. As a result, Season 6 was released a year later than expected due to the pandemic that halted production on the season two years earlier than usual.

line of duty season 7 netflix release date

Even if the BBC has secretly approved Season 7, it is most likely that it will air in March of the following year. Obviously, now that film and television production workers have gotten used to operating within COVID-19 norms, work may still proceed rapidly. Martin Compston will feature in Amazon Prime’s “The Ring,” and Vicky McClure will reprise her role as Mrs. Jones in the streaming service’s “Alex Rider” series, thus the March 2023 release date seems the most plausible.

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What’s in the story for the seventh season of Line of Duty?

A mysterious figure AC-12 had been hunting for seemed to have been found after the bombshell revelation that Detective Superintendent Ian Buckell (Nigel Boyce) was H/the Fourth Man working for OCG in the police force. Even still, the tale is far from over. Because he only permitted their conversations and assisted in moving some actions along, Buckell was clearly not the one overseeing the corrupt cops.

line of duty season 7

Although Chief Constable Philip Osborne has been “bent” from the beginning of the series, he is still actively fighting against AC-12 and claims that they do more harm than good at a news conference in Season 6, Episode 5. Taking down Osborne would be a wonderful way to tie things up, given how the earlier episodes seemed to indicate that the story was nearing a conclusion. ” There is a well-known guest star that appears in every season of the show as a corrupt officer that the crew investigates. “Westworld” stars Keeley Hawes, Thandiwe Newton, and Stephen Graham have all appeared as various cops in the show’s core.

The Cast for Line of Duty Season 7

In an interview with BBC Chief Content Officer Charlotte Moore, Moore expressed her excitement in discussing “Line of Duty’s” future with show creator Damian Lewis, who is now working on Season 7. (via RadioTimes). “Jed Mercurio is a master of his art and I would want to thank him and the entire cast and crew for delivering such a great drama series.” To which he added, “I eagerly await our next meeting to discuss our plans and the potential course of this series’ destiny”.

line of duty season 7cast

So, if the program is revived, Adrian Dubar, Martin Compston, and Vicky McClure would presumably reprise their roles as Ted Hastings, Steve Arnott, and Kate Fleming, respectively, if it were to come back. Detective Inspector Arnott himself, Martin Compston, told ES Magazine that the cast is now uncertain if they’ll return, but he would be devastated if it was the end of the show. Aside from that, the thought of never working with all of the men again was “heartbreaking,” he said. “A break from the news is needed by everyone, including the audience, after what’s happened this week. We’ll have to wait and see.”

Anna Maxwell Martin’s character, Detective Chief Superintendent Patricia Carmichael, was introduced to the cast in Season 5 as Hastings’ replacement, so it’s not out of the question that she’ll be back in Season 7 as well. When the department’s power is transferred, we’ll have to examine how it changes.

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Is There Any Trailer:

There is no trailer for season 7 so for now watch the season 6 trailer:


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