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Trail one After Mrs. Marvell, fans will be looking forward to the next Disney+ series. While some fans have voiced their displeasure with the trailer’s perplexing CGI, others are looking forward to Jennifer Walters’ first appearance in the MCU. For years, comic book readers have awaited the appearance of this superhero.

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It’s tempting to dismiss Walters’ character as nothing more than a Bruce Banner sex swap, yet he’s so much more. Despite her close ties to the Hulk, the She-Hulk persona has her own backstory and legacy. Fans will remember Jennifer Walters’ uniqueness in the comics thanks to these eight differences.

1 Other Temple Identities

During his time as the Hulk, Bruce Banner had a variety of identities. Mr. Fixit was his alias when he worked as an executor in a casino. He may also morph into many Hulk variants, such as Gray Hulk and Savage Hulk. Jennifer, on the other hand, usually has only one She-Hulk persona.

Marvel: 8 Most Bizarre Differences Between Hulk & She-Hulk

Banner’s other identity Maestro is one of his most popular. This version of Bruce Banner takes place in the future, and he is a totalitarian tyrant who has survived a nuclear calamity that has killed all of the world’s superheroes. In the other reality, the Hulk from Earth-616 is compelled to murder himself, adding to Banner’s already immense load.

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2 TVA detained Jennifer.

In the Loki Series on Disney +, the Time Variation Authority has made a significant splash in the MCU. The bureaucratic organization (TVA for short) had only appeared sparingly in the comics before this. In the comics, Bruce Banner did not have any dealings with this group, but Jennifer Walters did.

Jennifer goes back in time to stop Clint Barton from dying in one of the comic strips. TVA, however, foiled her plot, arresting her and bringing her to trial. Jennifer is given a future in which her actions start a battle of reckoning, forcing her to confront her inability to change the past as part of her experience.

3 As a result of the Temple, the Avengers were formed.

Bruce Banner‘s lack of control was the catalyst for the formation of the Avengers, which may come as a surprise to casual Marvel fans. Loki brainwashes the Hulk, prompting Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man, and the Wasp to band together to liberate him. The initial Avengers unit was formed by the five of them.

Marvel: 8 Most Bizarre Differences Between Hulk & She-Hulk

Fortunately, in the comics, She-Hulk has been a regular member of the Avengers. Hero for Hire, The Defenders, and Fantastic Force are some of the superhero teams she’s been a part of. The Hulk’s blunders, on the other hand, were responsible for the development of Earth’s greatest heroes, therefore the world owes him gratitude.

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4 Modularity

The fight between Bruce Banner’s human and monstrous skeleton forms an important part of his persona. Endgame by Avengers The Smart Hulk is created when Bruce merges the two forms. Jennifer Walters, on the other hand, is the first to stay in her wild shape in the comics.

Walters went through another explosion after repairing a radiation leak on a SHIELD Helicarrier. She can’t switch between her She-Hulk and human forms as a result of this. Walters, like MCU Bruce, has accepted this and is still practicing law under her own name.

5 the fantastic four’s relationship

The Incredible Hulk and She-Hulk share a bond with the Fantastic Four. The quartet is some of the Hulk’s first foes, leading to the Hulk-Thing rivalry. In contrast to Bruce’s troubles with the Fantastic Four, Walters became an ally of the team early in her superhero career.

Marvel: 8 Most Bizarre Differences Between Hulk & She-Hulk

In truth, after The Thing joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, Jennifer Walters was a member of The Fantastic Four for a spell. Assist Walters in defeating villains such as Psycho before she joins the Avengers. Red and Sue Storm, on the other hand, saw her as an ally.

6 love stories with a twist

Bruce had an affair with General Thaddeus’ daughter, Betty Ross, prior to his transformation into the Hulk. In the comics, Betty is his sole true love, but in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has a lot more options. Natasha Romanoff has been Bruce’s long-term love interest. Following Natasha’s death in the MCU, the Smart Hulk may be on the lookout for a new love interest.

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7 This was their first chance.

When the United States Army’s first gamma bomb test failed, Bruce Banner was dubbed the First Hulk. Bruce barely escapes, but gamma radiation transforms him into a monster known as “the Hulk” by General Thaddeus Ross. When Bruce becomes enraged, he transforms into a green-skinned furious maniac.

Marvel: 8 Most Bizarre Differences Between Hulk & She-Hulk

Jennifer’s superhero has a number of origins, one of which involves Bruce. Bruce is the only member of her family who can get her blood transfused after she has been attacked by crime bosses. Jennifer can transform into a She-Hulk after being filled with radioactive blood, but she keeps her identity.

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8 Law and Science

Bruce Banner, like Tony Stark and Reed Richards, is one of Marvel’s most intelligent scientists. As a nuclear physics physician, it’s easy to see why the US military thinks Banner is the right person to help them with their gamma-ray research. Jennifer’s roots, on the other hand, are unrelated to Bruce’s research.

Walters is a Los Angeles attorney, despite the fact that Banner and Walters are cousins. Both, though, studied their fields at Harvard before embarking on separate routes to further their education. The ratio of brains to muscles is where these two are similar, though.

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