Men in Kilts Season 2: Confirmed Release Date, Trailer & Everything We Know in 2022!

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Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish were fantastic in Outlander, and now they’re back with “Men in Kilts,” a new documentary series. The first season of the show focused on exploring Scotland, learning about its background, and celebrating the country’s unique and rich culture.

The two journeyed to Scotland in a van and sampled the country’s delectable cuisine while participating in sports in a location filled with Outlander enthusiasts. Men In Kilts’ second season, directed by Kevin Johnston, will showcase a fresh adventure that is a little different from the first, but still entertaining. But, when all is said and done, when will the documentary show’s second season premiere?

When will Season 2 of Men in Kilts premiere

Although no release date has been set, the season has been completed as of October 22, 2022. Heughan announced the news on social media, along with a cute photo of him and McTavish (both dressed in kilts, of course) flashing peace signs in front of beautiful, green scenery.

The news of the series renewal broke recently, and we won’t know the official release date of the adventure series for a time. The first season aired from February 14th through April 14th, 2021.

Plot of Men in Kilts Season 2

According to McTavish, New Zealand is renowned as “the Scotland of the Southern Hemisphere” because of the enormous number of Scottish immigrants who have been established there. “We’ll be retracing our steps in the footsteps of the Scottish immigrants who arrived in New Zealand in the early nineteenth century,” McTavish says, while Heughan adds, “Not only that, but we’ll be studying New Zealand’s culture: its food, drink, and [indigenous] Maori culture.”

men in kilts season 2

As a result, Heughan promises that viewers can expect more “high-octane activities, the death-defying adrenaline junkie exploits” that McTavish was afraid to partake in during the first season—and which provided the basis for many of the show’s humorous moments. “Could you tell me exactly what that last bit meant?” Graham asked the question nervously during the announcement. When asked about the event, Heughan deadpanned, “Oh, that’s nothing, I wouldn’t worry about it.”

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Season 1 of Men in Kilts

The first season of the show featured Heughan and McTavish as they drove a van around Scotland, learning about various parts of Scottish culture and history along the way. Despite the fact that the trip show was inspired by the television series Outlander (which had sequences set in Scotland in its early seasons), the two lads’ buddy humour and bromance rapidly became the show’s main attraction.

men in kilts season 2

Viewers were transported to Scotland in the comfort of their own homes as Heughan and McTavish sampled Scottish cuisine and whisky, participated in Highland sports such as hammer throwing and stone lifting, learned Scottish dancing, discovered Scottish superstitions, explored the clans and their famous tartans, and learned about the historic Battle of Culloden. Heughan also jumped into the ocean absolutely naked. Let’s hope the shenanigans of Season 2 of The Walking Dead continue!

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Cast of Men in Kilts Season 2

Season 2 of Men in Kilts will follow in the footsteps of Season 1, with Heughan and McTavish, the show’s co-creators and developers, serving as the show’s main road-trippers. We’re not sure yet who we’ll meet along the road, including local specialists, craftsmen, musicians, and historians.

men in kilts season 2

Where will Season 2 of Men in Kilts take place?

The most significant change in Season 2 is that, like Outlander, we are no longer in Scotland! While Outlander is currently set in America, Men in Kilts will be set in New Zealand, where many Scottish immigrants resided.

But why go there if not for the link to their homeland? It’s most likely since McTavish, a Scotsman, has been living in New Zealand since 2011. The actor, who also starred as Dwalin in the Hobbit trilogy (which was filmed in New Zealand), has already trekked through the country with iFit’s New Zealand Trekking Series. McTavish described the country as “a location that I love passionately” in the Men in Kilts Season 2 announcement.

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Is there a trailer for Season 2 of Men in Kilts

Season one of Starzplay was recently renewed, so we won’t see the trailer for the documentary series for a long. If you haven’t seen the first season yet, you should watch it on Netflix; don’t miss out on these classic flicks.

An IMDB rating of 8.7/10 is all the proof you need to binge-watch this excellent show.

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