Merry Christmas, Chrysler: What the Meme Means and Where the Vine Girl Is Right Now?

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Somehow, the hilarious (but intended) mispronunciation of “Merry Christmas” by the now-iconic “Merry Chrysler” girl on our Vine feed in 2015 has lasted with us all these years later.

The viral video’s humorous value has stood the test of time, and it is regularly re-released in time for the holidays. These are the facts as we currently understand them.

What Is the ‘Merry Chrysler’ Vine?

Vine is a short-form video program that has since been discontinued; the ‘Merry Chrysler’ clip is from there if you’re unfamiliar. Imagine what TikTok would have been like if it hadn’t already been created.

Christine Sydelko uploaded this video in 2015, with the assumption that her comical mispronunciation of “Christmas” would make for great internet content. The video went viral at the time, amassing over 323,000 likes, 152,000 reviews, and over 101 million loops; it is still frequently referenced today.

In the end, the video was shared on every major social media platform, from Twitter to Instagram.

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Video of Christmas Returns Every Year

Even if Mariah Carey’s holiday song playing on loop in every store isn’t enough of a hint that Christmas is near, the return of the ‘Merry Chrysler’ Vine every year is sure to drive the point home.

After more than six years, the viral video platform Vine is still as funny as ever. As one user put it on Twitter: “Yup still saying merry Chrysler.”

Someone else recalled their mother naming out all the packages that would be arriving in the mail that day, and them boastfully informing her that they were all theirs. Wishing you a Merry Chrysler, I say.

To What Place Has Christine Sydeko Retreated from The Limelight?

Where has Christine Sydelko, better known as the “Merry Chrysler” girl, been since she shot to prominence in 2015? Well, now that she’s in her mid-twenties, the comedian has established quite the business for herself on YouTube, following on from her first success on Vine.

Cosmopolitan reports that Sydelko, who began her YouTube career in 2015 as a co-vlogger with Elijah Daniel but has since gone solo, has amassed over 1.3 million subscribers as of early 2019.

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Christine, sadly, discontinued her YouTube channel a number of years ago. The comedian told Cosmopolitan, “I quit the internet stuff just FYI it’s such a trivial job I can’t stand the people getting in fake drama for attention or acting like they’re a creative when they just film themselves living it was sorta fun while it lasted but I value my privacy more than followers now see ya.”

However, the comedian’s previous YouTube videos are still accessible on this page. In a similar vein, Sydelko appears to be maintaining an active presence on Instagram, where she has amassed over 700,000 followers.

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