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My Super Ex-Girlfriend is a 2006 American superhero comedy film directed by Ivan Reitman and starring Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson in supporting roles with Anna Faris, Eddie Izzard, Rainn Wilson, and Wanda Sykes. Critics gave the picture a mixed response.


My Super Ex-Girlfriend Plot Explained- After stopping a handbag thief on the subway from stealing Jenny Johnson’s (Uma Thurman) purse, Matthew Saunders (Luke Wilson) becomes Jenny’s “hero” and begins dating this shy stranger. Jenny’s conduct becomes increasingly neurotic and aggressive after numerous encounters, and she becomes more demanding, harming Matt and trashing his bed the first time they have sex. Jenny soon confesses to him that she is the beautiful blonde superheroine G-Girl, who was unintentionally gifted with superhuman strength, speed, senses, invulnerability, super breath, and heat vision as a teenager after being exposed to radiation from a crashed meteorite. After Jenny exposes her abilities, she becomes more domineering, and Matt begins to lose his head.

my super ex girlfriend cast

Despite the fact that she is going out with an attractive but shallow underwear model, Matt’s coworker Hannah Lewis (Anna Faris) has a crush on him. Matt terminates the relationship as Matt and Hannah’s bond grows stronger, and he becomes irritated by Jenny’s growing jealousy. Jenny is outraged and promises to make Matt regret his decision by publicly humiliating him, hurling his car into space, and eventually stripping him naked during a crucial meeting, forcing him to lose his job as an architect. Jenny’s former buddy and now G-antagonist, Girl’s Professor Bedlam (Eddie Izzard), contacts Matt to ask his help in defeating her. Matt rejects and announces his intention to leave the city. As he does so, he is contacted by Hannah, who has split up with her cheating partner, and they end up having sex in bed after admitting their feelings to each other.

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The next day, Jenny (as G-Girl) finds them in bed. She attacks the couple with a great white shark, enraged and jealous. Matt, enraged, calls Professor Bedlam and agrees to assist him in defeating her if Bedlam agrees to stop being a supervillain. He tells Matt to entice Jenny to a meeting where she will be exposed to another meteorite, which will drain her powers and reduce her to a simple mortal. Matt agrees and invites Jenny to his place for a beautiful meal, ostensibly to restart their romance. Jenny is sitting on Matt’s knee when Hannah arrives. Jenny’s superhero identity is revealed to Hannah during the confrontation between the two ladies. Jenny is knocked out by Bedlam’s trap, and the energy that gave her her abilities is drained back into the meteorite, rendering her unconscious.

Professor Bedlam appears but confesses that he has no intention of abstaining from villainy and instead intends to seize the powers for himself. Jenny crawls near the charged meteorite in an attempt to reclaim her powers while he and Matt fight. Jenny grabs the meteorite, which explodes in a rush of power, and Hannah intervenes barely in time. Hannah and Jenny are thrown from the roof, presumably to their deaths; Jenny reappears seconds later, her abilities restored, threatening much more mayhem. Matt is only saved by the unexpected reappearance of Hannah, who was also exposed to the meteorite’s energies and now has the same abilities as G-Girl. Hannah and Jenny’s second battle is a full-fledged super-brawl that destroys a portion of the nearby properties. Finally, Matt persuades both of them to stop fighting. Professor Bedlam is Jenny’s genuine love, he informs her. Jenny agrees, and she warms up to her erstwhile foe.

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Matt and Hannah encounter Professor Bedlam (now just “Barry”) and Jenny the next morning. Jenny and Hannah, who have become crime-fighting allies, take off to deal with the issue while pleas for aid are heard from afar. Matt and Barry are left with their ladies’ purses and clothes as they go out for a beer.


my super ex girlfriend cast

Jennifer Johnson / G-Girl, played by Uma Thurman, is a confused, insecure young woman who also happens to be a superheroine after colliding with a mystery meteorite. When she falls in love with Matt, she becomes possessive and demanding of him, and when he tries to break up with her, she uses her superpowers to make his life a living nightmare.

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Young Tara L. Thompson Jenny Johnson is a character in the film Jenny Johnson

The protagonist, Matthew “Matt” Saunders, is played by Luke Wilson. After apprehending a criminal who stole Jenny’s handbag, he begins dating her but eventually breaks up with her owing to her controlling and demanding nature. He also discovers Jenny’s true identity as G-Girl.

Hannah Lewis, Matt’s coworker who is secretly in love with him, is played by Anna Faris. She gains superpowers after coming into contact with the same meteorite that gave Jenny hers.

Barry Edward Lambert / Professor Bedlam, G-ex-boyfriend Girl’s an enemy, and the major antagonist is played by Eddie Izzard. In the end, he reconciles with Jenny and leaves the villainy behind.

Kevin Townley in the role of Young Lambert, Barry

Vaughn Haige, played by Rainn Wilson, is Matt’s crass and sex-crazed closest buddy, who regularly gives him dubious dating advise despite the fact that he himself is horrible at it.

Carla Dunkirk, Matt and Hannah’s nosy and uptight employer, is played by Wanda Sykes, and she is fired by a jealous Jenny.

Leo, one of Bedlam’s hired goons, is played by Stelio Savante. Lenny, another of Bedlam’s hired goons, is played by Mike Iorio.

Steve Velard, played by Mark Consuelos, is a handsome but shallow underwear model who is Hannah’s boyfriend at first and the main reason Matt doesn’t ask her out. After catching him in a ménage à trois, she leaves him.

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Tom Henry plays the red-clad character. Margaret Anne Florence plays a bartender at the tavern where Matt and Vaughn frequently congregate. Vaughn’s continuous attempts to date her are futile until the very end when they are both caught in the middle of an epic super-battle between Jenny and Hannah, which becomes a running farce.

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