Navigate to My Home: What Does It Matter if You Still Can’t Find Your Home?


This article details the steps you need to take to locate your home in Google Street View, whether you’re using a third-party site or just a regular web browser. In this article, we’ll examine how to locate your home using the Google Street View software on an iOS or Android mobile device.

Locating Your Home via Google Maps and Street View

Instant Street View is Google Maps’ quickest way to get you to your home (or anywhere else) on the street. It’s an external website with a search bar where you can enter an address to get a visual representation of that place right away. Try out Instant Street View on your laptop or mobile device’s web browser.

  • Click the Instant Street View link in your browser and start inputting the name or address of the place you want to see.
  • Your request is immediately processed by Instant Street View, which looks for a matching location and takes you there. When you start typing, you may get a drop-down menu with potential addresses to use if your description is too general.
  • You can learn the meaning of the search field’s border colors by clicking the About link in the site’s top left corner.
  • When you see a green checkmark, it means that Street View has successfully located
  • Those in orange indicate a general lack of specificity regarding location.
  • Where yellow is present, street views are unavailable.
  • Disappearing in red = no results found
  • The directional arrows on the sidewalk can be used in conjunction with your mouse or tablet to allow you to backtrack, forward, or sidestep.

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Tutorial on Using Google Maps Street View

If you need to see a certain place right away, the Instant Street View site is fantastic; but, if you’re already using Google Maps, you can just switch to Street View.

  • Get yourself over to Google Maps on your computer.
navigate to my home
  • Simply type an address or location into the search bar located in the top left corner.
  • To find the relevant location, pick it from the list and then click the Pegman (the yellow person image) in the corner.
  • To view Street View imagery for any location on the map, click the blue marker.

Make Use of Google’s Street View App for Mobile Devices

Both Google Maps and Google Street View exist as individual applications. On Google Play, you may find the official Google Street View app for your Android device. When using an iOS device, you can now download a standalone Google Street View app instead of using the embedded version of Street View in Google Maps.

  • First, launch the Street View app, then type the desired address or location into the search bar.
  • If you want to see a street view of a specific area, just tap the map and drop Pegman there.
  • Nearby 360-degree photos are displayed at the screen’s base. To view the picture in its full resolution, tap on it. (More photos from the area are accessible through a swipe upwards.
  • You may also choose an image from that gallery. Find your way about town by following the directional arrows posted along the pavement. Simply by dragging your finger across the screen, you may rotate the photographs through 360 degrees.

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So What if I Still Can’t Locate My Home?

In other words, you typed in your address but got no hits. So, what are we to do now?

Even while most major urban areas, especially in the United States, have been mapped on Street View, not every house, road, or building will appear when you search for it. There are still unmapped rural places. If you’d like to see a missing street or intersection on Google Maps, you can submit a request to have it changed.

Images may be outdated if they haven’t been updated when Google last visited; this is especially true for locations outside of large cities. In a few months, Google may add your home or a specific address to its Street View feature.

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