Ozark Season 4 All the Episodes on Netflix: Teasers and Information You Have Knows Far

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Season Four, Part One of Ozark, which premiered earlier this year, if you’re a fan of low-contrast television, Jason Bateman, and polo-shirt-wearing characters.

The first half of the final season premiered in January with the most recent episodes of Netflix’s Midwestern crime-and-drug drama. With two big characters killed off, treachery that we didn’t see coming, and a legendary Ruth Langmore freakout in the most recent batch of episodes,

For those interested, here is everything we know thus far about Ozark: The Next Season on Netflix.

Ozark Season 4 is currently streaming on Netflix in its entirety.

How Many Episodes in Ozark Season 4?

To placate a drug lord, the Byrde family moves from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, where Ozark focused on their efforts to launder funds. However, as the story progresses, the family is drawn deeper and deeper into the money laundering industry, along with all the bad things that come with it.

ozark season 4

Here are the titles and synopses for the episodes that will conclude the saga of the Byrde family. Please be aware that the descriptions contain a few minor spoilers and hints. The first seven were made available in January 2022, and the second batch of seven was released on April 29th of the same year.

The first episode of Ozark season 4: “The Ending of Everything.”

“Marty and Wendy struggle with a thorny offer.” Ruth strikes out on her own, Jonah turns against his father, and Omar’s nephew shows up.”

Ozark: “Let the Great World Spin” (Season 4, Episode 2)

“Maya rebuffs Marty’s plans for Omar. For Ruth, heroin is all about the hipsters. To raise $150 million, Wendy aims to do so The new sheriff is causing a lot of trouble.”

‘City on the Make’ is the third episode of Ozark season 4.

They meet face-to-face for the first time,” Omar says. It’s going to be a tough meeting for Wendy today. Darlene doesn’t know what Ruth is up to. “Jonathan relocates his business to a new location.”

“Ace Deuce” is the fourth episode of Ozark’s fourth season.

Ruth is enraged by Wendy’s comments regarding Ben.” A private investigator named Mel finds Wendy’s father. Ruth and Kerry’s vacation to the Missouri Belle goes awry.”

Episode 5 of Ozark Season 4: “Ellie”

It’s an olive branch with a twist from Senator Feinstein. Efforts are made by Marty and Ruth to repurchase the medications that Darlene sold. After high school, Charlotte wonders what she’ll do next.

It was “Sangre Sobre Todo” in Ozark season 4 episode 6

When Omar is accused of involvement in a bombing, Marty is the one who has to prove his innocence. Lazy-O Motel is Wendy’s destination. A strategy is devised by Wyatt and Ruth.

ozark season 4 intro

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Sanctified, the seventh episode of Ozark season four

A long-awaited FBI meeting with Omar has finally taken place. Wyatt tells Ruth some exciting news. Javi reacted angrily because he felt misled.”

“The Cousin of Death” is the 8th episode of Ozark season 4

As Marty tries to dissuade Ruth from doing something she might later regret because she is devastated by a huge loss, Ruth travels to Chicago to exact retribution.

“Pick a God and Pray” from Ozark season 4 episode 9.

In the wake of the FBI’s demise, the Byrdes find themselves in a desperate search for answers to their ever-increasing difficulties. Wendy’s father makes a surprise visit to the city.

Season 4 Episode 10: “You’re the Boss” “Ozark”

Ruth asks Frank Jr. for a favor; a new acting sheriff makes headlines, and Wendy tries to entice Jim back into the fold.

Episode eleven of Ozark’s fourth season is titled “Pound of Flesh and Still Kickin”

This time around, Ruth gets some support from someone she knows. Wendy gets to know Omar’s sister and sets up a meeting with Clare.”

“Trouble the Water” is the 12th episode of Ozark season 4

Wendy is enraged by Nathan’s offer to Charlotte and Jonah.” Ruth enlists Charles Wilkes’ help in her quest to forget her past.

“Mud” is the thirteenth episode of Ozark season four

“Marty is under pressure from Omar to launder more money, but Ruth is concerned about the cleanliness of her casino. Wendy will do anything to protect her children.

14th episode of Ozark’s fourth season: “A Hard Way to Go”

“Each and every desperate bargain. Whenever a promise is breached. Every heinous crime. It’s time for the Byrde family to finally put their dark past behind them.”

Where To Watch Ozark Season 4?

Ozark season 4 part 2 was released on Netflix on Friday, April 29, bringing the last season of the crime drama to a total of 14 episodes.

ozark season 4 watching platforms

Because Ozark is a Netflix original series, you must have a Netflix subscription to watch it.

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Is there a trailer for Ozark season 4?

Part 2 of Ozark’s fourth season has its official trailer. If you haven’t seen the first episode, Ruth is on a warpath and the Byrde family is struggling to hold on while the world crumbles around them. This is what you’ll find:


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