Papa Jim Death: A Condolence to Papa Jim from Danny Duncan


We all mourn the loss of Papa Jim, the beloved grandfather who became an Internet sensation. Danny Duncan, a renowned YouTuber who frequently featured Papa, announced his death on Instagram on May 12th.

Who was Papa Jim?

Papa Jim lived to the age of 92 before he passed away. None of the details of his death have been shared by his family. A worldwide outpouring of grief has followed the news of the phenomenon’s passing and the breakup of his friendship with Danny.

Someone on the internet once tried to pass off a fake death notice for Papa Jim. However, Danny disproved the rumors by displaying a photo of himself and Papa Jim alongside the caption “Miss you Papa.” With a series of images featuring the elderly prankster, Danny wrote, “Thank you for all the laughs and unforgettable memories.” I cherish the time I get to spend with you, Jim, my father. RIP.”

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People pay tribute to an online celebrity

The post by Duncan has devastated fans of Papa Jim. Many of Papa’s devotees praised him for the joy and mirth he brought them constantly. One Twitter user wrote, “Papa Jim really was out here living his best life.” Give the man a coke.

“Rest easy, Papa Jim,” said one admirer. I’m going to ache for you. Many young people’s lives were changed by your example. For the rest of our lives, you will be known as Papa Jim. Just chill out. I’ll always love you, Momma.

Another mournful supporter said, “Today I heard some sad news that Papa Jim has passed, my sympathy goes out to @DannyDuncan69 and his family.” The atmosphere was brightened by his happy expression. We have lost a legend, but you will never be forgotten, PJ.

Famous for his pranks on Danny Duncan’s videos, Papa Jim gained notoriety as a YouTuber. Every activity, from skinny dipping to quad riding, was recast via his unique lens. They were so similar that many people assumed Danny and Papa Jim were related. As the grandfather of Duncan’s best friend and fellow YouTuber David Tomchinsky, Papa Jim, who turned 92 in December, now serves as Executive Assistant and Social Media Manager for the Duncan brand.

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