Reality Check: Sebastian Hernandez Actually Attended the Met Gala?

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On the 13th of September, the Met Gala began, and stars flaunted a wide variety of ensembles. However, an image of cultural hero Sebastian Hernandez wearing an indigenous look on the red carpet quickly went viral, drawing attention to him and his unconventional style.

Sebastian, whose Instagram handle is “Brown Skin Hazel,” has gone viral for making a controversial photo choice. But there’s more to the tale than meets the eye. What transpired warrants an explanation, therefore please allow us to provide one.

Did Sebastian Hernández Attend the Met Gala?

Though many people lauded Sebastian’s Indigenous outfit for bringing aboriginal Americans to public attention, they skipped the Met Gala to avoid controversy.

The photo they posted to Instagram in response to the prompt for 2018 clearly had to be altered digitally.

This image’s background is a screenshot from a 2018 photo that went viral as a meme.

Tweeters began posting images of the Met Gala red carpet with an empty staircase and joking that Beyoncé had appeared as a “Holy Ghost” after she reportedly did not attend the 2018 event.

Sebastian manipulated the same photo to make it appear that they were at the Met Gala in 2021.

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Where Has Sebastian Hernandez Gone?

Cultural icon Sebastian lives in the City of Angels. Sebastian indicates in their Instagram bio that they would like to be addressed as “she/them.” They work as a DJ, a dancer, and an artist professionally.

Also, they’re responsible for throwing the underground dance party YOU Los Angeles, which promotes itself as showcasing “contemporary DJs in Los Angeles” and invites anyone and everyone to attend on its official Instagram account.

Sebastian has a second Instagram account specifically for their images. The page’s bio describes Sebastian as a “brown LA native,” but it’s not obvious what Sebastian’s real nationality is.

The multi-talented artist has almost 22,000 followers on their primary Instagram account, where they have published 2398 posts.

The Exploration of Brown-Skinned Hazel’s Trendy Getup

In the widely shared photoshop, Sebastian can be seen wearing nothing but a long braid decorated with feathers and baring their privates, like a member of an Indigenous tribe.

reality check: sebastian hernandez actually attended the met gala

They posted a selfie on the red carpet and captioned it, “made an AMERIKKKAN appearance or wtvr.” Sebastian’s rear end is all that can be seen in the photo, along with blood splatters.

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It’s not clear, though, if Sebastian was born into an Indigenous family or if they just decided to dress the part for attention.

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