Rebel Wilson Causes a Stir in A Unzipped Swimwear

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A video of Rebel Wilson that she uploaded last November is now again gaining a lot of attention.

The actress shared the video on Instagram a while ago, but it’s only now getting traction as her admirers notice the dramatic difference in her appearance due to her diet and exercise regimen.

Her ‘thigh gap’ has been the subject of many comments, but critics are quick to point out that it isn’t the sole arbiter of beauty.

The Rebel Wilson Swimsuit Video Goes Viral

Earlier this year, in November, Rebel Wilson released a video that radiated assurance. She wears a neon orange one-piece with a front zipper as she walks up the beach in the slow-motion movie.

The blonde woman accessorized her orange dress with a pair of sunglasses and a sloppy updo. Nearly two million people have watched the video, with many praising her incredible transformation since filming began.

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A ‘Thigh Gap’ Is What Fans Are Saying They See in Rebel

Followers were eager to compliment the actress on her new figure in the comments.

How unreal does she appear, someone commented.

“What is her secret?” asked someone else.

Someone else chimed in, “You look great.” That self-assurance is icing on the cake.

Others have remarked that she now has a thigh gap, which is the distance between one’s thighs when standing with one’s feet hip-width apart.

Two people wrote, “Okay thigh gap,” and “Thigh gap,” respectively.

“I’ve got thigh gap envy over here,” someone else observed, and then someone else said, “Wow, look at that thigh gap.”

Others, however, criticized the critics, saying that one’s physical appearance should be judged by more than the thigh gap.

So this is why women have it so hard. People are “pushed” through thigh gaps as beauty standards despite the fact that few people actually have one.

A second participant chimed in, “Only women can make anything out of a thigh gap and be jealous of it.”

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A Lot of People Have Been Asking How Much Weight Rebel Has Lost

Parallel to her bikini photo release in November, Rebel also shared the specifics of her weight loss.

She said on the Australian morning television program Sunrise that she has dropped an incredible 35 kilograms (77 pounds; 5.5 stone).

rebel wilson causes a stir in a unzipped swimwear

She then went on to describe how much better her health is now that she has lost weight, saying, “I’m proud of myself for transforming my life for the better.”

“I used to have to lie upside down and put my feet up on the couch at the end of a huge, long day at work — we’d often shoot 16-hour days — because my feet would get really sore,” she recalled.

And Rebel said, “I used to suffer a lot from jet lag” and have “a lot of inflammation in my body,” both of which have since subsided.

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