Rebelde Season 3 Release Date: Is This Teen Drama Series Coming in 2023?

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“Rebelde: Year Three.” In “Rebelde,” a Mexican teen drama available on Netflix, the show’s plot centers on Elite Way School and its students. The Spanish-language show follows the struggles of a fictional band going by the name “Without Name” as they attempt to break into the modern music industry. The show, which has been delayed until January 5, 2022, will also center on the relationships between students.

When the show first aired, it was met with universal acclaim from critics and viewers alike thanks to its compelling narratives, tense teen-centric drama, and stellar central performances. It’s safe to assume that fans are eagerly anticipating news of a third season of Rebelde after the shocking and cliffhanging conclusion of the show’s second outing.

Rebelde Season 3 release date

The second season of Rebelde premiered on Netflix on July 27, 2022. The average running time for each episode of Rebelde Season 2 is 39 minutes.

Let’s talk about what we’ve learned about Season 3 of Rebelde. Netflix has yet to confirm the renewal of ‘Rebelde’ for a third season or make any sort of statement about the show’s future. In January 2022, however, Leonardo de Lozanne—who plays Marcelo Colucci—confirmed to GQ Mexico that production on Season 3 of Rebelde had been “allowed,” with shoot dates planned for the summer of that year.

rebelde season 3 release date

Not surprisingly, given the popularity of shows like “Elite” and “Sex Education” on Netflix, the streaming service is reportedly willing to greenlight a third season. We can expect the latter in the near future if the renewal for a third season has already been approved and an announcement is forthcoming. Season 3 of Rebelde is scheduled for release in 2023 if the streaming giant gives the third installment the official greenlight soon.

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Rebelde Season 3 Plot

The third season of Rebelde has not been confirmed, but several major storylines have hinted at potential outcomes and directions the show could take if it is renewed. Season two will pick up where season one left off, in terms of plot. The official summary of the eighth episode of season two, titled “Otro da que va.” Synopsis: “The students realize that all the misfortunes and tragedies of the school year lead back to one person, so they band together to expose the truth.”

It is therefore anticipated that the third season of Rebelde will pick up the storyline, characters, and cliffhangers right where the second season left off. Previous episodes have established a foundation for this season, which will grow and evolve in ways that will keep viewers interested. The way they adapt to this new level of pressure and bring something fresh to the series in order to wrap things up nicely will be fascinating to watch.


The series is directed by Santiago Limón, and its script was written by Ilse Apellaniz, José Miguel Nez, Talia Rothenberg, and Pericles Sánchez.

This ensemble cast features the talents of Azul Guaita as Jana, Lizeth Selene as Andi, Jerónimo Cantillo as Dixon, Andrea Chaparro as MJ, Franco Masini as Luka, Sergio Mayer Mori as Esteban, Giovanna Grigio as Emilia, Alejandro Puente as Sebas, Estefana Villarreal as Director Celina Ferrer, Karla Sofa Gascón as Lourdes, and In Season 2 of Rebelde, Joel Isaac aka Saak plays Okane, and Flavio Medina plays Gus Bauman.

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Where Can I Find Episodes 1-3 of Rebelde to Stream?

Once Netflix renews the series, Season 3 of Rebelde will also be available to stream online.

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