Roadkill: Helen McCrory’s Arm Becomes an Unanticipated Topic of Conversation Among Fans Following Her Outstanding Performance as PM

Fans were caught off guard by the attention given to Helen McCrory’s right arm during Roadkill’s debut on BBC One and iPlayer on October 18th. In light of the current state of politics, a gripping political drama would be welcome.

Thus, the premiere of Roadkill on BBC One, with Hugh Laurie returning to the network in the role of the cunning Peter Laurence, couldn’t have happened at a better moment.

Helen McCrory, who co-stars with Hugh Laurie, is also fantastic as the tough Prime Minister Dawn Ellison. Fans, however, have noted that Helen McCrory’s right arm makes an unusually little appearance in the pilot.

Watch Roadkill on Bbc One

It wasn’t until October 18, 2020, that Roadkill made its debut on BBC One. David Hare (Collateral) penned and Hugh Laurie stars in the miniseries, which focuses on Peter Laurence’s life over the course of four episodes.

He’s a powerful politician with lofty goals whose personal and professional lives are both on the brink of disintegration.

There are a lot of scandalous secrets surrounding Peter’s history, and he has plenty of opponents who might easily foil his plans to win the ultimate prize.

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Helen Mccrory as Prime Minister: What the Fans Think She Is Dawn Ellison

Helen McCrory’s stunning portrayal of the ruthless Prime Minister Dawn Ellison steals the show in the pilot episode of Roadkill. People were quick to comment on her new role in the drama series on social media.

After Helen McCrory was cast as the Prime Minister, one of her fans said on Twitter, “Excellent casting!” Genius (She was brilliant as a minister in James Bond: Skyfall.) Definitely looking forward to the next installment.

roadkill: helen mccrory's arm becomes an unanticipated topic of conversation among fans following her outstanding performance as pm

Another user chimed in: “I mean #HelenMcCrory as Prime Minister is definitely a better plan? In other words, you’re the boss!

Some viewers, however, have speculated that there might be something amiss with Helen McCrory’s right hand or arm because they don’t appear very often in the pilot. Currently, it’s keeping a low profile.

This viewer concluded, “Couldn’t stop focusing on the fact that the PM depicted by #HelenMcCrory never moved her right arm. I’m assuming it got hurt.

Helen Mccrory’s Arm in Roadkill

This lack of exposure of Helen McCrory’s right arm in Roadkill‘s marketing materials (as shown above) appears to date back to the upcoming fall of 2019.

Helen McCrory was seen in a sling after going to the theatre on September 30th, 2019 with her husband, Damian Lewis, according to the Mail Online.

roadkill: helen mc crory's arm becomes an unanticipated topic of conversation among fans following her outstanding performance as pm

Helen’s right hand was later spotted at a gala event on the 30th of October, clearly bandaged.

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There is a mystery surrounding the necessity of bandages on Helen’s arm. The entire first season of Roadkill, starring Helen McCrory, is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer. The show airs on BBC One every Sunday.

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