See Seattle Zombie Woman Tiktok Video: It Makes a Mess

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It’s no secret that the Seattle “zombie woman” TikTok video is generating a stir, but others are uncomfortable with the title because it describes a woman who seems to be in misery. It is not evident what is upsetting her at this time.

Ishea Brown Couch, better known as the TikTok account SixTwentySeven, was the original uploader of the video. However, you may still catch a glimpse of Couch’s film in the context of a TikTok video mashup that we’ve included below. Keep in mind that this is all very unsettling. On May 8, 2021, the video began to rapidly spread online. The “zombie woman” was captured on May 6 by Couch’s camera.

A video captures a woman staggering across the city. The individual recording the video exclaims, “What the f***?” as the strange event plays out. Heavy has contacted the Seattle police to inquire about this and will update with any new information if obtained.
What you need to know is as follows:

A distressed “Zombie Woman” can be heard howling through the streets of Seattle

The preceding clip is a montage of the “zombie woman” of Seattle’s TikTok videos. The woman is seen going through the streets while holding her chest and making a distressing sound. Both times we see her, she is walking with a limp or dragging one foot.

After a while, two police officers arrive to assist the woman. She seems to be missing a shoe. Meanwhile, in another scene, several officers surround the unconscious woman. In each and every clip, the woman is seen in extreme discomfort. The woman cries out, “I don’t want to go to the hospital,” as she struggles while police officers place her on a stretcher. As police hold her down, she yells and pleads. It looks like her hair is only in sections as well.

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Tik Tok Fans Reactions

A TikTok User Described the Woman as Having “Three Strands of Hair” and “Agonizing Screams.” Couch, the original TikTok poster, explained what she witnessed in the video’s now-deleted caption.

A: “The Face. A wardrobe is full of holes. One, two, and third hair. cries of excruciating pain. According to Dexerto, the original caption on Couch’s post said, “I was shaken.” Last but not least, the cops arrived to aid the woman. At a later time, Couch updated her status to include information about “the woman who was outside her window.”

It’s not unusual to hear someone shouting like that in the middle of the day, she explained, because many Seattle residents lack the financial means to adequately care for their mental health, housing, or addiction. “When I first saw her face through my window, I was genuinely shaken and a little bit afraid; I’ve never seen somebody look like that before.”

She went on to explain that her “morbid curiosity and nosiness” led her to record and distribute the video, but that she now feels compelled to remind everyone that the woman in the clip is a living, breathing human being who deserves our empathy.

The identity of the woman or the source of her grief is unknown. The event seemed so real that some individuals began to suspect they were watching a movie set. A few folks were certain she was a real zombie. Initially, it was suspected that she had been in a car crash. Some folks feared she was losing it mentally. There is no way to know the truth.

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I think the woman in the ‘zombie’ video on TikTok lost her hair or scalp in an accident. One Twitter user speculated that the object she was holding was a phone and expressed hope that she would receive the necessary medical assistance.

Since the license plate is a Washington plate and the movie is being shot in Seattle, many people have speculated that the filming is for a movie called KIMI. That’s all I’m hoping it is,” another user commented.

A woman with her hair cut off and who appears to be in great pain is seen in a Tiktok. “OP says the police took her, but Jesus,” one woman said. Evidently, Seattle was the location. Moreover, I have no idea what I was doing; I stumbled into the movie while perusing my FYP. It was very unsettling. be careful if you’re easily triggered by such things, cautioned another user on Twitter.

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