The Simplest Shower Head Cleaning Hacks that Will Actually Solve Your Issue!


If calcium deposits have built up in your shower head and it’s past time for a cleaning, try this quick and easy trick for descaling a shower head and tap faucets.

Discover the easy way to clean your showerhead without using any harsh chemicals.

1. Get Some Vinegar and Soak Your Shower Head

    One of the most effective methods of cleaning your shower head involves very little effort and attention, and it does all the job for you, which is great news if you’re the type of person who likes to passively clean (we’re looking at you, Roomba owners).

    You will also need white or apple cider vinegar, a Ziploc baggie, and an elastic band or sturdy, waterproof tape. Pour enough vinegar to fill the plastic bag halfway, then place the shower head inside. Use the elastic band or tape to seal the opening and avoid any spillage.

    Then, you can turn on the shower gently to fill the remaining portion of the bag with water until it completely covers the shower head. Filling the bag too quickly could cause a small explosion of vinegar, so take care.

    shower head cleaning hacks

    After that, the fun part begins: forget about it. Depending on how serious things are, you can soak the shower head for at least one hour.

    When the alarm goes off, remove the bag from the shower head and empty the contents down the drain, as recommended by cNet. It ought to be as good as new, but feel free to do it again if you feel it’s required.

    2. Baking Soda Paste Is Great for Cleaning Your Shower Head

    When will we get any vinegar? Not at all! We’re betting that you already have at least one more common home item that can perform the job for you.

    Both water and baking soda will do the trick; seeing as how we’re in the restroom, we already have one of the ingredients on hand.

    Mix the baking soda and water to make a thick paste that is neither too watery nor too clumpy, as recommended by Morning Chores. Slather the shower head in the mixture; it’s okay to get it all the way into the nozzles, where the grime tends to accumulate.

    If you want to see the benefits, switch on the shower after half an hour and give the shower head a good rinsing.

    A mixture of four or five drops of dish soap, two tablespoons of baking soda, and some vinegar is recommended by Taste of Home for more thorough cleaning of the shower head and for restoring its shine. As in choosing one, you can even try immersing it in a bag.

    3. Coke Can Be Used to Clean the Shower Head

    While this cleaning tip may come as a shock to some, individuals who have always wondered what is in Coca-Cola may have known all along. Popular soda is simply an advised method to revive your shower head.

    With a pH of only 2.0, Coke is extremely acidic. Coke is often advised as a quick and easy DIY cleaning hack because the phosphoric acid in the soda can dissolve stains. Coke is an excellent alternative for restoring shine to your shower head, which can be dulled by hard water buildup, as pointed out by Morning to Bed.

    shower head cleaning hacks

    Using the same method as in option 1, but substituting some soda for the vinegar mixture, you may then secure the bag containing the liquid to the shower head.

    Please wait at least 30 minutes before removing the bag from the shower head. Rinse it off and you should see much less wear and tear on your shower head from hard water.

    4. In Order to Preserve Your Shower Head, Spray Some Wd-40 on It

    It’s safe to assume that any homeowner who has dealt with a noisy door hinge also has a can of WD-40 on hand for the next time something starts to squeak. The traditional lubricant, however, is useful for more than just eliminating irritating squeaks. If you can believe it, WD-40 may also be used to clean your shower head.

    The official website of the manufacturer suggests not using WD-40 on the shower head unless you plan to take it apart to clean it thoroughly.

    After removing the shower head’s screw, spray the nozzle well with WD-40 to release any minerals, dirt, or bacteria that may be trapped there. While a brush or toothpick may be needed to get rid of stubborn particles, the heavy-duty cleaner should accomplish most of the work.

    To remove any lingering chemicals, thoroughly wash the shower head with soap and water. That way, you’ll be able to take it easy and relax once you’ve finished cleaning up your shower.

    5. If Your Shower Head Takes a Beating, Try Using Oven Cleaner on It

    Be warned: if your shower head has been neglected for too long, it may be time to break out the big guns. First, you should check your cleaning supplies to see whether you already have an oven cleaner before you run out to get an industrial-grade cleaner.

    The formula is identical and will yield the same results, but be prepared to take the proper safety procedures if you go this path.

    shower head cleaning hacks

    Since the chemical cleaner is so powerful, even in a small space like a bathroom, Morning Chores recommends wearing a mask and gloves when cleaning.

    Put on your bathing suit, spray the cleanser on the shower head, and let it sit for no more than 20 minutes before giving it a good rinse. That ought to be all it takes to permanently degunk those noxious nozzles.

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