Sniffspot app: safe and private yards for dog owners to stroll their pups.

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Sniffspot app is best characterized as an “Airbnb for dogs” that allows homeowners to rent out their yards to dog owners so their puppies can exercise. It is one of Baton Rouge’s newest emerging trends.

Sniffspot app: safe and private yards for dog owners to stroll their pups.

Sniffspot app, which debuted in Seattle in 2018, has since expanded across the country, with at least 15 East Baton Rouge Parish residents opening up their backyards to the service, which charges by the hour and per dog.

The postings in Sniffspot app, which start at $5 per hour per dog, contain information such as fence height, acreage, privacy levels, shade elements, and sitting options, as well as information about available toys, trails, and even neighborhood pets.

Parish Pets, Baton Rouge’s most popular pet shop, is located in Capital Heights and has received 20 five-star reviews. The listing, which includes 25 photos of a completely gated turf and rock yard, would cost tenants $10 per hour per dog, with discounts such as half off for additional dogs added to a reservation.

“[I] wanted to share it with other dog owners.” “Some owners may not have a yard, or their dog may not get along with other dogs at the park,” says Parish Pets owner Nikki Kipps, who has been using Sniffspot app for a year. “It makes me happy to know that dogs can have fun in a safe environment for them and their owners.”

Kipps’ most important piece of advice for anyone interested in joining the Sniffspot app is to provide “a clean, safe space for your guests.”

Kipps claims to make $75 each month via the Sniffspot app. The Sniffspot app provides up to $2 million in liability insurance and $5,000 in damage protection to hosts.

Sniffspot app is one of a surge of similar firms in which property owners who are entrepreneurs rent out their properties. Swimply, a website that allows hosts to rent out swimming pools, tennis courts, and backyards, has been quietly expanding in Baton Rouge, with four pool listings available.

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