Some Belief Bella Thorne Is Pregnant: Speculations in Social Media Refuted!


Since Bella Thorne and her boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo attended the Cannes Film Festival, speculation has been rife online that she is expecting. This, however, is completely false.

Both Bella and Benjamin have been very open about their love. However, the couple has recently sparked speculation that they are expecting. These reports remain unsubstantiated, however, as neither person has come forward to confirm their relationship. Despite this, people are still responding to Bella’s recent photo, which started the pregnancy speculations.

Speculations Concerning Bella Thorne’s Alleged Pregnancy Are Investigated

As soon as Bella set foot on the red carpet at Cannes, the speculations began. Her appearance in the white dress was enough to grab everyone’s attention. The model’s hand was seen resting on her stomach, which caught everyone by surprise.

some belief bella thorne is pregnant: speculations in social media refuted

Some others on social media speculated that she appeared to be pregnant, which just adds to the suspicion. The actress appeared in a couple more photos where she struck a similarly dramatic attitude.

As expected, the same began to trend on social media almost immediately. Someone online commented, “WTF BELLA THORNE IS PREGNANT.” Another commentator chimed in, saying, “Great Bella Thorne is pregnant…. like we need that.”

Bella is not actually pregnant. There’s no truth to the pregnancy rumors spreading about her online.

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Who Is the Model’s Boyfriend?

Benjamin, the man Bella is engaged to be with, is an Italian singer with 1.7 million Instagram followers. The Best Italian Act category at the MTV Europe Music Awards went to him as well. Bella has also put out a few of her own songs, and their shared appreciation for music is what ultimately bonded them.

According to a close friend of the reality star, “this is kind of a fantasy for her, he’s wonderful for her.” Bella is a huge fan of electronic music and enjoys dancing.

The majority of Benjamin’s admirers know that he uses his many social media accounts to keep them informed of his whereabouts and activities. Additionally, he is not bashful about flaunting his love for Bella by posting numerous photos of the two of them together.

Considering Their Relationship

In April of 2019, the two were first seen together. Later, in an interview with People, she revealed their relationship, adding, “If I’m not saying something then I have to go out of my way to disguise it.” Pap snoops and fans will always find out the truth, no matter how well I try to conceal things.

some belief bella thorne is pregnant: speculations in social media refuted

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In the wake of her breakup with Mod Sun, Bella began dating Benjamin. After going public with their romance, Bella and Benjamin were frequently seen in Instagram and Twitter photos together.

In 2020, there was talk that Bella would be getting engaged. However, it turned out that they were nothing more than hearsay. The news of their engagement was verified by Benjamin in March of 2021.

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