Soulframe Release Date: What Kind of Gameplay Can We Expect?

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You might find it more enjoyable to play with others at times. In many MMORPGs, you can still play as a solo hero, yet they are still among the most popular PC games.

Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts have acquired Digital Extremes, which developed Warframe. For the first time in nearly 10 years, the studio is working on a new project, Soulframe, rather than the company’s flagship product.

An interesting point of contention in this new Digital Extremes trailer concerns its relationship with the larger Warframe universe. When it comes to open-world games like Soulframe, Elden Ring may have had a hand in it. If you’re curious about the upcoming Soulframe game, don’t worry; we’ve got all the details you need right here.

Soulframe release date

Fans may have to wait a long time to get their hands on Soulframe after the Tennocon 2022 announcement, as the developer said that production had just begun. implying that Soulframe’s release date has not yet been decided, and considering the duration of the manufacturing cycle, it may be years before players can explore the game’s scenario.

Soulframe’s release date has thus been delayed till more knowledgeable conjecture can be found. Doubts about a 2022 release date arise from the fact that this was only the game’s first official announcement. It’s possible that a release window in the second half of 2023, depending on progress, could be feasible.

soulframe release date

Digital Extremes plans to be open about the development of Soulframe and welcomes players to sign up on the Soulframe website for updates, despite the fact that there is currently no specific release date for the game.

Soulframe could be available to early testers and fans alike within a year, depending on how quickly the development goes. Sinclair adds, “Watch us make the game, get your hands on the rough bits, and tell us what you think.”

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Soulframe Game Play

Even though Digital Extremes hasn’t given us many details, we have a good notion of what Soulframe’s gameplay will be like. MMORPG Soulframe is an environmentalist project that aims to give a “slow and heavy” physical battle in an ever-changing terrain that appears to be reacting to industrial development.

It’s currently unknown if Soulframe is set in the Warframe universe, but the game’s visual style is clearly influenced by the series. Despite the title’s obvious allusion to Warframe, it doesn’t appear that the creators had this in mind when they created the game.

According to Sinclair

The team “focused our sights on the Fantasy genre to portray the story of Soulframe” due to the game’s gameplay being heavily influenced by fantasy elements. Several elements in the announcement trailer imply that Soulframe’s gameplay would be heavily influenced by fantasy elements, such as the mysterious and lethal sword and the dire wolf.

In contrast to early Warframe, Sinclair says in an interview with the Washington Post that the central world of Soulframe would be open. As the director puts it, “I’m looking for that “brief session but high immersion” thing where you check in, exit your yurt, and you’re back where you left off. It appears that the world has gone on without you.”

Despite the game’s moniker, Dark Souls was not the inspiration for the original Soulframe. But Elden Ring has been the subject of some discussion, such as the camera or how wonderful their fight tempo is, the creator did concede. Elden Ring is an action RPG.

As Soulframe’s story progresses, it will assess how well or poorly the characters and the game’s universe mesh together. A procedural environment is likely to be present, as the universe is furious over what has been done to it.

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Sinclair’s Opinion on the Game

During a recent interview with The Washington Post, I talked extensively about the upcoming game, which has no official release date as of yet. Developers were asked about Soulframe’s departure from the Warframe formula and responded, “Soulframe is an opportunity to strike out on a familiar yet fresh branch and see where it leads them.”

‘Warframe’ focuses on shooting, but this one emphasizes melee combat,’ Sinclair continued. ” While ‘Warframe’ advances at a fast pace, this one will take its time and be a lot heavier. In spite of the fact that there are many similarities to the genre that we are used to “

soulframe release date

The statement was made by Soulframe’s creative director, Geoff Crookes, during a discussion on the game’s setting. As a result of what we’ve done, the world seems to be in a state of continual upheaval and wrath. As a result, proceduralism will be present throughout all the world’s caverns, crevasses, and other underground areas.”

To add to that, Sinclair said in response to a question on when and how Soulframe would be released. “Our efforts have been primarily motivated by the needs of the local community. When players aren’t informed of changes or who is in charge of “Warframe,” there’s a sense of dishonesty.

Contrarily, the announcement of ‘Soulframe’ comes at an absurdly premature time! “In terms of transparency, we tend to be much more open than other studios.

It’s reasonable to expect that Soulframe will be as good as Warframe, given the dedication and ambition of its creators. I am eager to see how much better Soulframe can be than Warframe, one of the best live-service games with a little imbalanced MMO and a great campaign.

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