Strawberry Question on Tik Tok Explanated After Users Were Shocked by The Results

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Many people on TikTok are taking part in a fad that seeks to identify whether or not their partner is unfaithful.

The newest craze is a series of questions about a scenario that takes place near a strawberry field, and it’s been given the catchy moniker “Strawberry Question.”

Several people on TikTok have taken this exam to better “understand” their partners. Many users have expressed surprise at the findings.

Which Tiktok Strawberry Question Is Now Trending?

The Strawberry Question test or challenge is a series of questions designed to reveal a partner’s true allegiance. It starts with a question along the lines of, “If you were really hungry and saw a strawberry tree, would you eat the strawberry?”

strawberry question on tik tok explanated after users were shocked by the results

If your test subject answers “no,” the experiment will be over. To which the follow-up question, “How many?” is appropriate only if the response is “yes.”

Finally, you’ll be asked, “If there was a fence, would you jump over it?”

TikTok users who have attempted it have been surprised by the outcome, especially if their partners answered yes to every question.

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Is There Any Way to Understand the Results of The Test?

TikTok users are completing the Strawberry Question test for fun and using the findings to make judgments about their romantic relationships, despite the lack of any scientific data to support the test.

So, if your partner answers “yes” to every question, they would betray you.

Despite the fact that the science underlying the “strawberry test” is murky at best, many TikTok users hold the belief that their significant other’s answer to the question of how many strawberries they would eat is directly proportional to the number of people they would cheat on them with.

On the other hand, if they refuse to take the test at all, saying “no” to each question, it’s assumed that they wouldn’t cheat on you.

Learn how @KenziePoolson’s partner’s answers stunned her in the video posted to TikTok.

Feedback from Users on The Unanticipated Results

The trend is seen as absurd because the person being questioned has no idea what the strawberries symbolize or how eating them is a metaphor for cheating on their relationships.

Those who participated, however, are enjoying themselves tremendously as they post the findings on social media.

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Some Responses from Twitter Users Are as Follows:

In the words of one Twitter user: “I did the TikTok strawberry question with Adrian and he didn’t know what I was referring to but he responded no he wouldn’t eat the strawberries.”

A second user explained, “I tried the strawberry question thing from TikTok on my Lil boo & he stated he wouldn’t eat any of the strawberries, he’d just wait to eat until he got home.”

According to one participant, “I asked my partner the strawberry question, and this man genuinely said, “as many as I can.” My trust has been broken.

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