The 10 best outfits Miranda Hobbes wore on “SATC”

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All of the Sex and the City’s main characters were fashion icons, but Miranda had a style all her own. Here are her ten best looks.

Miranda Hobbes is one of the four women that make up Sex and the City. Along with Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, and Charlotte York, these four girls storm New York City with boy problems and great fashion. Next to her best friend Samantha Jones, who runs her own public relations firm, Miranda is the most successful of the four. Miranda is a hard-headed lawyer who takes her job seriously and works hard to prove a point to her (mostly male) coworkers.

Over the course of six seasons, we’ve seen Miranda go through different problems to get her dream job, get married, have a baby, and still look fabulous. Her style reminds me of a modern-day Hilary Clinton with sass. She loves a good power suit, but sometimes Miranda will surprise us with a brightly colored dress. Even though Miranda had some killer looks, we’re going to look at 10 times she stopped us in our tracks.

10. She Still Looks Chic in The Winter

Winter in New York City is not a joke. Most of the direct sunlight is blocked by the tall buildings, and the wind wraps around the buildings, making a weird wind tunnel. But this is New York City, so not many people walk around without a sense of style. Miranda is one of them.

If you ask us, Miranda’s style went up a notch when she started dating Steve. In this scene, the two are slowly falling in love and have stopped to get a drink. When most people are dressed for winter, they look like a mess, but Miranda looks like she has it all together.

9. We Love Miranda in a Tense Moment

The best thing about Miranda is that she knows what she looks good in and sticks to it. Carrie may have tried every outfit under the sun as long as it was trendy, but Miranda knew what worked and stuck with it. And one of these things is a low neckline.

The 10 best outfits Miranda Hobbes wore on "SATC"

Here, we can see her walking with Steve while wearing a cute grey dress that is perfect for spring. Her strappy shoes are also the perfect choice for something so casual but still nice. And let’s not forget how great her hair looked on this day!

8. Miranda’s white sunglasses and Fendi coat at the baseball game

In the episode “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” the girls are huddled around Carrie after she and Big break up (again). Miranda decides that going to a baseball game is the best way to take her mind off of Big, so the girls went in the best way possible.

Each woman looked so uninterested in the game, but the clothes they wore were all typical of who they were (like Samantha’s leopard coat). Miranda, however, didn’t really look like herself. With a stylish Fendi coat and white sunglasses, she looked like a cooler version of Danny Zuko from Grease.

7. Miranda Looks so Natural in A Tie

As a lawyer in New York City, Miranda needs to look professional. As a Harvard graduate, she doesn’t have as much free time as she used to. In several scenes, Miranda has been wearing a tie. In the early 1990s, she showed that you don’t need a man to be able to rock a suit. In fact, her sense of style showed us that anything a man can do, a woman can do just as well.

When Miranda was having trouble being seen or heard at work because she was a woman, you can be sure she did something big to get noticed, and these ties were a great start.

6. Miranda in A Power Suit

But Miranda doesn’t just look like a BAMF because of her ties—her it’s strong power suit. Now, it could be her personality or her line of work, but Miranda looks so natural in a suit.

Some women might worry that a suit will wash them out or not fit right, but if you look at Miranda, you can see that anyone who’s anyone can rock one of these babies. Just look at her strut out of court in a great suit while eating a salad. Does it get more Miranda than this shot?

5. Her Wedding Suit Was Traditional Miranda Through and Through

When Miranda finally took the plunge and married Steve Brady, we knew her wedding wouldn’t be like most others. (But when Charlotte got married (twice), we knew they were going to be big events.) For Miranda, she didn’t even want a big wedding where everyone looked at her. She only wanted to marry Steve.

Miranda married Steve in front of her closest friends while wearing a burgundy skirt suit. Now that we think about it, she married Steve in a burgundy version of the original dress Carrie wanted to use to marry Big.

4. Miranda’s Headscarf Was Everything

Miranda really pulled out all the stops with the Sex and the City movies. She looked the best we’d ever seen her. She played around with colors and different accessories. It was all so exciting since most of the fashion talk is about Carrie’s closet. But while the girls are in Abu Dhabi, Miranda wore a green caftan and matching headscarf that only she could pull off. With her red hair and soft skin, she looked like a vision in the prettiest shade of green.

3. Gold Is the Color of Her Hair

At the beginning of the second Sex and the City movie, Miranda is strutting her stuff in a gold dress on her way to meet the girls. From her hairstyle to her accessories to the neckline of this dress, Miranda was a sight for sore eyes. She looked like a walking Oscar Award.

The 10 best outfits Miranda Hobbes wore on "SATC"

This outfit shows that just because Miranda likes a more masculine vibe doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to dress girly when she wants to.

2. This Mesh Neckline Was Everything

If Miranda ever gets tired of being a lawyer, she should strongly consider becoming a professional wedding date. She always looks great on her wedding day. In the episode above, the girls were asked to a friend’s wedding and dressed to kill. Not too many people wear black to weddings, but Miranda did it with style. The mesh neckline of this dress is what really draws us in. We’re actually wondering why she didn’t wear this kind of look more often.

1. Miranda’s Dress at Stanley and Anthony’s Wedding

In the second Sex and the City movie, Miranda and Steve are in a much better situation. At the wedding, they seem happy and on a much better path.

Since Stanley and Anthony’s wedding was a black-tie event, the girls and their dates were dressed to the nines. Everyone looked nice, but Miranda really stood out from the rest. With a deep V neckline, Miranda’s sparkly dress fit her like a dream and really showed off her figure. I thought this was the best time we saw Miranda, and that could be because of the new spark in her relationship.

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