What is the 25th Island of Greece? The Surprising Spark of Amorgos Trend


Amorgos, a lovely Greek island, recently trended online, but not for its wild natural beauty or quiet beaches. Internet users refer to it as the “25th island of Greece.” The increase in interest in this Cycladic island isn’t due to people planning vacations there this summer or a renewed vogue for the Greek islands.

Contrary to popular belief, Amorgos became a meme because of its association with a widely played video game. Internet detectives have traced the surge in interest in the Greek island of Amorgos back to a trending Twitter hashtag in which people are urging one another to look for “the 25th island of Greece.”

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Due to the similarity to “Among Us,” Amorgos is popular

Though it came out in 2018, “Among Us” became an instant hit last spring, when those stuck in isolation were looking for ways to pass the time.

A crew of spacemen are tasked with performing menial jobs as they move about a rocket ship in this video game. But there’s a faker on board who intends to compromise the ship’s defences and eliminate everyone on board. Each time a player is eliminated, the other members of the group, who may include total strangers, get together to determine who they think is the impostor and vote them out of the game.

the 25th island of greece

An imposter’s goal is to fool the team into thinking someone else is responsible for something they did. This process will continue until the imposter either eliminates the entire crew or is discovered and kicked off the ship.

Because of the game’s immense popularity, players frequently see connections to it in their everyday lives, whether in the form of terms that echo the game’s title or of geometrical motifs that call to mind the recognisable characters who populate the crew. Due to its use in the late 1980s as the setting for “The Big Blue,” the island of Amorgos has seen an increase in visitor numbers.

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What is 25th island of greece?

Dramatizing the relationship and sporting competition between two outstanding contemporary champion free divers in the 20th century, the film became one of France’s most commercially successful films upon its premiere in 1988.

In 2020, more than three decades after the release of “The Big Blue,” Amorgos served as the captivating backdrop for another international co-production. “Töchter” (Daughters), helmed and written by German filmmaker Nana Neul, was based on Lucy Fricke’s best-selling novel of the same name. After the initial lockdown in Greece, this international co-production was among the first to resume production.

Slowly but surely, the island is becoming more and more popular with tourists, even though its unique physical characteristics prevent it from ever becoming overrun. To get there, you’ll need a boat. Katapola, Aegiali, and Chora are the epicentres of the island’s hotel industry.

At an elevation of 350 metres (1,148 feet), about in the geographical middle of Amorgos, you’ll find the island’s capital, Chora. White Cycladic homes, winding lanes, and churches characterise this protected town. Chora encompasses the 13th-century fortress.

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