The 4-Year-Old Kid Of Jana Kramer Is Now Recuperating At Home Following Surgery


Jana Kramer revealed that her son, Jace has to undergo surgery in order to remove the nevus sebaceous birthmark. It was recommended by her son’s doctor to prevent it from generating into skin cancer. Although it is technically classified as benign, it should be closely monitored as it can still lead to several types of skin cancer such as “basal cell carcinoma”.

The 4-Year-Old Kid Of Jana Kramer Is Now Recuperating At Home Following Surgery.(Photo: US Weekly)

Basal Cell Carcinoma, a Type of Skin Cancer

Jana Kramer revealed that her son Jace went to surgery to remove a birthmark and is now healing at home from the hospital, the birthmark is located on the scalp as seen on the picture she posted on her IG story.

When a patient hits puberty these lesions becomes visible and irritated and can develop into a skin cancer particularly the “Basal Cell Carcinoma”. And doctors will then recommend it to be surgically removed to prevent any risk.

This can be found on the scalp, neck, face, and forehead. And although it is benign, it is technically labeled as a “hair follicle tumor” that occurs in 22% of patients and must be closely monitored for lumps or sores that can lead to skin cancer. She also thanked the people who gave prayers for her son Jace’s recovery.

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Jana Kramer’s Relationship

Divorced in 2021 after being married to Mike Caussin for 6 years allegedly accused him of cheating during their relationship. They were married in 2015 but separated due to his infidelity and brought into rehab for sex addiction.

In her “Whine Down Podcast” she said that she doesn’t know if he is her forever person, but she will just let it take her wherever it leads and learn a lot of lessons along the way, referring to dating a Professional Soccer coach, Allan Russell.

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