The April Fools’ Day Hoax “Sandwich Crisps” by Brits Left Wishing Walkers Was True!

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As expected, many famous companies have played practical jokes in celebration of April 1st, 2022.

When you say “Good Morning,” Alexa sounds like British radio host Rylan Clark, fooling many Brits. After being “rickrolled” by Heardle’s rendition of Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley, Deliveroo said that it would no longer deliver pineapple pizzas.

Usually, the jokes stop at noon, but one from Walkers from this morning is still deceiving people online hours later.

The snack food manufacturer has introduced a new phoney product that many people on social media are wishing was real. The jig is up now, Walkers.

Walkers Say Sandwich Crisps Are Here

You’ve probably had a crisp sandwich before if you’re from the UK. Strangely, the combination of that crunchy, salty delight with two slices of bread really works.

As a result, the announcement of Walkers‘ exciting new product, Sandwich Crisps, which are essentially big Walkers crisps the size of a slice of bread, has made people happy all throughout Britain.

Sandwich Crisps, meet your new favourite snack. Walkers tweeted a snapshot of the new treatment with the hashtag #CrispIn and the comment, “The best thing since sliced bread #NEW! Crisps the size of loaves of bread.”

Most people would agree that cheese and onion are the ideal combinations for a crisp sandwich, therefore that’s the flavour that was promoted. Further, they produced a video advertisement to accompany it.

They Must Be Playing a Joke on Us for April 1st

As of this writing, social media users are sure that the Sandwich Crisps are an April Fools joke, despite Walkers’ lack of official confirmation.

Both the post and the advertisement are quite convincing and have deceived many people, but they were published at 6:30 a.m. on Friday, April 1st, the ideal moment for an April Fools’ joke.

Until I saw the comments from people calling it an April fools joke, I assumed it was real, as one Twitter user put it.

Another said, “Isn’t it April fools today, I ain’t believing nothing until 12 pm.”

Was on my way to the stores before I realised the date,” said a third person. Feeling a great deal of disappointment that this does not exist.

British fans of Sandwich Crisps were crushed to learn that Walkers had been indicating the post was an April Fools’ prank in their answers.

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Britain Longs for Them to Be a Metaphor

Consequently, the British public is left wishing for a real release of Sandwich Crisps in stores.

Sandwich Crisps have been well praised on social media site Twitter. Walkers? I really need you to be taking notes.

Everyone hopes that one day they will actually exist. This April Fools’ joke on Walkers’ part certainly backfired. Maybe that was just a marketing ploy and Sandwich Crisps won’t arrive until 2022.

A few packing improvements might help with the logistics, but those problems are minor.

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