The Bond Boss Recalls Amy Winehouse’s Distressing Meeting

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James Bond head Barbara Broccoli had a “distressing” meeting with Amy Winehouse over the title music for ‘Quantum Of Solace’.

Songwriter Amy Winehouse and James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli had a “distressing” meeting about the “Quantum of Solace” theme tune.

Bond producer Barbara has stated that Amy wasn’t really a possibility for the position because she came off as “extremely weak emotionally,” and the movie mogul has described the situation as “really unfortunate.” The late singer was among the contenders for the role of singing the theme tune for the 2008 picture.

According to Barbara, who discusses her encounter with Amy in the new documentary ‘The Sound Of 007,’ “Well, that was a very very painful meeting, [Winehouse] was not at her best and my heart really went out to her.”

She said, “She was extremely weak emotionally and, you know, you understood how she could make such powerful things because she has a great depth of feeling and it was just very heartbreaking.”

I can’t even begin to describe what an amazing singer and person she was; it’s just so tragic that she’s gone. Jack White and Alicia Keys, the first duo to record a Bond theme song, got the gig and released “Another Way to Die.”

In retrospect, her ex-producer Mark Ronson claimed that the two of them had recorded a demo for the Bond theme but never finished it.

Then, he continued, “We worked on it, but we never finished it.” Not until it is recorded and someone happens to sing on it, which is a big if. To be honest, I’m not sure if Amy is ready to start making music just yet.

Amy’s battle with addiction was so severe that she passed away at age 27 just three years later.

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