The Newest Addictive Word Game Is Quintessential, Which Works Like Wordle!

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Nearly a year after Wordle was released in October 2021 by Brooklyn-based software engineer Josh Wardle, people continue to be infatuated with it.

Even while the initial craze has subsided, many people have incorporated doing a daily Wordle into their morning ritual, and this trend shows no signs of abating any time soon.

Millions of people continue to enjoy the fun and challenging word game Wordle, despite the fact that the New York Times paid seven figures to acquire it in January 2022, long after it had conquered the world.

As a result of Wordle’s immense popularity, other similar games have now appeared online. Though none have generated the same level of excitement, they are nonetheless a lot of fun to play.

What exactly is this “Quintessential” game that everyone seems to be playing these days? In addition, could you explain the rules of the game? Continue reading to discover out

Define Quintessentially

Quintessential is a word game with a similar interface to Wordle but with different rules. The goal of this game is to correctly spell each of the five horizontal words in as few steps as possible by exchanging letters.

Similar to Wordle, it displays results as a board with five words in a grid on top of one another. But the alphabet is already written on the board.

Unscrambling the letters into five unique five-letter words in the fewest possible steps is the goal. Some puzzles can be completed in as few as eight steps.

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How to Perform the Essential Keys

When you go to the Quintessential website at this link, a pop-up with instructions will appear. In order to access the game board, press the x in the upper right corner.

Construct five unique words by rearranging the letters in the provided grid using the mouse. Using color, the game will indicate which letters should be where.

the newest addictive word game is quintessential, which works like wordle

When a tile changes from red to green, it implies the selected letter has been correctly placed within the specified word. When it becomes yellow, though, it implies that the cursor is in the proper word but in the wrong place.

When a tile is a grey, it signifies it is either not in the correct position inside the word or it is in the wrong word altogether.

Once you start getting more letters right, it should get easier to try to deduce what the words are. At the beginning of each game, you’re given a few unmovable green letters to get you started.

The goal of the game is to complete each level using as few movements as possible, and the number of moves you’ve used will be displayed at the game’s base.

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Five Other Wordle Options

Here are some other Wordle replacements to try if you’ve already tried Quintessential:

  • Instead of Wordle, try the much more challenging Quordle.
  • Heardle is a musical charades game.
  • This is a Sweardle, which is basically a Wordle with a bad word added to it.
  • Lewdle is an obscene substitute that is quite challenging to use.
  • Worldle is a fantastic map and geography resource.
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