The Perfect Girlfriend Lifetime Movie: Everything We Know so Far

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The major villain in the 2015 Lifetime film The Perfect Girlfriend is Simone Matthews (Adrienne Frantz). Simone was the head of an advertising agency and a favorite of the company’s president. The first time we see her, she is challenged by an old boyfriend who claims she is harming his career by circulating false information about him. When he asks what he did to deserve it, she says he broke up with her and urges him to go before she calls the cops.

Her Supervisor Invites Her to Meet with Employee Brandon Moore Later that Evening.

Her boss invites her to meet with employee Brandon Moore, whom he is considering for a promotion, later that night. She agrees, and after reviewing his work and accolades, she informs him of the promotion and job offer, explaining that he will be required to relocate to the Portland office. Brandon accepts the position, despite his girlfriend Jensyn Bannet’s reservations about the distance. Brandon, on the other hand, is motivated to advance in his job and make a long-distance relationship work.

Simone checks for Brandon online later that night, her obsession intensifying. Simone begins her plan to have Brandon for herself by canceling his hotel reservation, prompting her to offer Brandon a place to stay with her at her house, complete with a dog to provide animal lover Brandon an additional incentive to stay as a dog sitter. Simone keeps an eye on Brandon while he sleeps on his first night there.

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After That, Simone Takes Brandon Under Her Wing.

After that, Simone takes Brandon under her wing and helps him advance in his profession by introducing him to individuals who can assist him. She eavesdrops on a webcam session he has with Jensyn and learns how uneasy she is about Brandon’s absence. Brandon sends Simone a birthday gift of flowers, a “Happy Birthday” balloon, and a card thanking her for everything she’s done.

the perfect girlfriend lifetime movie

Jensyn receives the same gift as her sister due to a mix-up, increasing friction between them. Brandon is invited to celebrate Simone’s birthday with her, with the promise that he will meet her boyfriend Harrison. She dons a provocative gown and informs Brandon that Harrison is unable to attend. Simone, unconcerned, informs Brandon that they can go celebrate on their own. When they go home, Simone tries to seduce Brandon, but he instead goes to bed.

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Simone’s Domineering Personality Is Apparent when She Insists on Brandon Wearing a Red Shirt.

Simone’s domineering personality is apparent when she forces Brandon to wear a red shirt despite his dislike for the color. After that, the two travel to see Simone’s mentally challenged brother, Cole. When Simone’s mother turns over unexpectedly, she tells Brandon not to accept any presents from her since they “come with strings attached.” Simone later describes how she was forced to assist in the care of her brother when their father departed and their mother had a nervous breakdown. She’d send money to Cole to help him pay for college, but her mother would always spend it on herself, and her support for Cole has strained their relationship. Simone feels enraged while out to dinner when she believes Brandon is looking over another lady. Brandon eventually calms her down, and she apologizes, but the incident makes Brandon question Simone.

Brandon complains to coworker Trevor about Simone’s meddling and how much he misses Jensyn. Brandon accepts Trevor’s invitation to a Las Vegas trip, but while there, he learns how much he misses Jensyn, who is also missing Brandon. Brandon’s absence also makes Simone antsy and upset, especially when he attempts to phone Jensyn imploring her to talk to him.

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When Brandon Arrives Home, He Informs Simone that He Wishes to End Their Relationship.

He attempts to make it easy for her, but Simone snaps and goes on a rant, insulting Jensyn in the process. Brandon moves in with Trevor and makes touch with Jensyn’s friend Haylie, eventually learning about Simone’s scheme. However, as a form of retaliation for breaking up with her, Simone sets it up so that it appears that Brandon was using company funds for personal reasons. Brandon hooks up with Jensyn and Trevor, who has a hacker friend who can help retrieve evidence off of Simone’s laptop, which Brandon steals, to take Simone down and expose her for her scam. When Simone discovers what he’s done, she phones Brandon and insists that he return the item.

the perfect girlfriend lifetime movie

She panics out, snaps, and storms over to Trevor’s house, where Brandon and Jensyn are. Despite Simone’s repeated requests, Brandon refuses to tell her where her laptop is while simultaneously decrying her violent character, forcing her to pull a revolver on him. Jensyn whacks the gun out of Simone’s hand with a fireplace poker before she can react, allowing Brandon to quickly subdue her, leading Simone to wail. Jensyn then contacts the cops to have Simone arrested for her crimes, and Brandon tells a weeping Simone, “You lose.”

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