The Rip Nikita Dragun’s Video Has Been Criticised as A Clickbait Death Scam!


A YouTube video captioned “RIP Nikita Dragun” was uploaded to the influencer’s channel, sparking widespread reports of his death.

Several followers mistook a sponsored video for genuine news of Nikita’s death before its true nature could be revealed. Lots of people are mad at her for her latest video since it spread death rumors and made a lot of people anxious.

Death Rumours Linked to Nikita Dragun Video

A video titled “RIP Nikita Dragun” was posted to Nikita’s official YouTube channel on October 8 and runs for 33 minutes. The same is described as follows: “Dearly, dear we are assembled here today to lay to rest a woman with my name.” Transsexual. Famous musician or singer. CEO. Nikita Dragun, once known as Bad B., is now simply known as Nikita.

But contrary to what is implied in the video’s description, the video only depicts her rise to prominence over the years and the many challenges she has faced.

After first believing that something had happened to the YouTuber, many of her admirers have since accused her of making up the death hoax in order to boost views. Infuriating supporters, even more, she also included a link to the online store of the company that paid for the “RIP Nikita Dragun” video.

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New Twitter Banality Discussed

Even though Nikita has received backlash from her fanbase for her most recent video, she was really banned from Twitter for her choice of profile photo a few weeks ago. Because her profile image depicted graphic violence or was otherwise deemed inappropriate, her account was suspended.

When the YouTuber’s profile photo was changed to what looked like an antique depiction of a hermaphrodite, her account was immediately disabled. The restriction was lifted once she updated her profile picture to one that showed only her upper torso.

Criticism from Supporters in The Context of Clickbait, a YouTube Video

For understandable reasons, the video hasn’t gone over well with Nikita’s devoted followers. Many have accused her of spreading false information and making light of death.

The Rip Nikita Dragun's Video Has Been Criticised as A Clickbait Death Scam!

One person wrote on Twitter, “Honestly this was CLICKBAIT!!! Wow.” That’s why I don’t watch her videos,” said someone another. The sensationalism she so proudly dispensed finally wore thin.

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As one enraged follower put it on Twitter: “#nikitadragun has the guts to use Death as clickbait….no more words.”

For the sake of getting views on her current YouTube video, “Nikita Dragun is posting a “RIP” message for herself…. I really can’t be with her,” another user commented.

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