The Witch: Part 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot – Everything We Know So Far


Park Hoon-Jung directed and wrote a Korean film packed with mystery, horror, and action, do you recall? You guessed it properly, The Witch: Part 1. This year’s release, the Subversion, was a great hit. One of the many accolades it received was Best Orient Express in the 39th Fantasporto Film Festival. The second half of the film is currently in the works, and it will, of course, be an updated version of the first.

Here you will discover all about The Witch: Part 2.

What is the release date for The Witch: Part 2?

The Witch: Part 2 seems to have been revived and is, expected to release on 29 July 2022. However, no release date is guaranteed by the production yet.

If you are not aware, The Witch: Part 2 is the second sequel of The Witch: Part 1. Park Hoon-Jung directed the film The Subversion, which was out in 2018. The Collision, according to rumors, is the working title for the sequel.

It was in April 2021 when filming on The Witch: Part 2 came to an end.

If you are impatiently anticipating obtaining a glimpse of The Witch: Part 2. The Collision, you are not alone, people have already started expecting the sequel since the first one got released.

The plot of The Witch Part 2

Several individuals are killed in the film’s plot, which centers around a young girl who escapes from a laboratory after a violent occurrence occurs. Two of the members, Dr. Baek and Mr. Choi, believe that the girl has died. Mrs. Goo and Mr. Goo’s escapades were revealed to the young woman when she visited a farm and learned about their activities.

Eventually, his wife takes her in and adopts her. Since then, Ja-Yoon has lived a regular life in this place with no memory of her past existence. She was given the name after ten years. In addition to her migraines, Ja-Yoon and her family are having financial troubles because of her medical condition.

the witch part 2plot

She chooses to enter a singing competition in the hopes of winning a prize in order to make some more money. Her telekinetic ability to levitate the microphone impressed the panel of judges, and she went on to win the competition.

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Nobleman threatens to kill her parents if she does not comply with his orders in order to bring her to the laboratory. Because of this, she accepts the terms of the experiment and heads to the laboratory. That is what Dr. Baek stated in his explanation of Ja-Yoon, who he had made.

the witch

Three months later, Dr. Baek’s twin sister finds Ja-Yoon at her house. More serum is given to her by her. Because of her dread, the screen turns dark as a result of Ja-discovery Yoon’s of a strange woman, who Ja-Yoon is afraid will murder her.

We can expect more intriguing plot twists in the sequel, which could lead to a more satisfactory conclusion than we saw in the first part of the series.

The cast of The Witch: Part 2

Cynthia will reportedly reprise her role as the title character in The Witch: Part 2, while Kim Da-mi could be seen taking on the role of a supporting character.

the witch part 2

Jung Da-Eun, Kim Byeong-ok, and Kim Woo-Shik may reprise their roles as police officers Do and the nobleman, Park Hee-soon and Park Hee-young as Mr. Choi respectively. Dr. Baek, Go Min-si as Do Myung-hee, Choi Jung-woo as Teacher Goo, Lee Joo Won as CEO Sung, and Oh Mi-hee as Teacher Goo’s wife round out the cast.

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Trailer for The Witch: Part 2

No. When no official announcements have been made, it may be premature to request a trailer. In June or July of this year, look for a trailer for the picture, which will be released around the middle of the year in mid-2022. So here to watch the witch part 1 trailer –


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