Unique Disney World Video of A Lit-Up Dark Ride Makes Viewers Feel Scared!

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Amazing attractions may be found all across Disney World. These days, one of the most popular videos on TikTok is a rare glimpse of a dark ride with lights on.

Disney has a long history of successfully incorporating well-known themes into their rides, such as those from fairy tales and the Star Wars franchise.

The first version of the Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster opened in 2002. Since then, long queues have formed outside of its gates in the hopes of catching a ride. Many individuals, though, are at a loss for words after seeing the latest footage.

Video Shows Guests Exploring a Disney Attraction After Dark

A video of the Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster with the lights on was posted on TikTok by user @everythingdisney133 on August 14. The description read:

It’s currently unknown who fired the shot. Even though the clip is brief, viewers get a good look at the ride and can even hear the music playing in the background as it goes on.

Over the past few weeks, the video has amassed over nine million views and over 1.3 million “likes.” But this isn’t the only video with fireworks in Disney World.

unique disney world video of a lit-up dark ride makes viewers feel scared

The Rock N’ Roller Coaster video was so popular that the TikTok page promptly posted another one. This time, it was a video of the Eiffel Tower all lit up and terrifying.

Over the next few months, this video racked up over 73,000 views. The full video is available for viewing on this page.

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Sneak Peek at The Entire Disney133 Tiktok Page

We don’t know who created this page yet. People who are passionate about Disney World and its attractions have helped the channel grow in popularity throughout time.

In March of the year 2020, the individual who created the page posted the first video to it, in which they discussed Disney closing down because of COVID-19. Several subsequent articles have already been written to gush over the sights and sound one can take in while riding the attractions.

At the same time, it shows us a sample of the variety of activities one can enjoy when visiting Dinsey World. There are currently 103,4k active followers on the TikTok page.

More than 1.5 million people have liked it in the meanwhile. If you’re the type that gets a kick out of watching rare footage shot at Disney World, you’ve come to the right place!

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