Venturi Significance in “Raya and The Last Dragon” Language Described!

If you’ve seen Disney’s Raya or The Last Dragon, you might be curious about the meanings of the words “venturi,” “binturi,” and “dep la.”

Disney+ now offers Raya and the Last Dragon. Disney Animation and Walt Disney Pictures are responsible for bringing this Southeast Asian-inspired animation to the big screen. Set in the fantastical nation of Kumandra, Raya must defeat the Druun in order to save his homeland.

Raya and The Final Dragon’s Search for The Interpretation of Venturi

Since Raya and the Last Dragon was released, fans have rejoiced at the inclusion of Southeast Asian culture in a Disney picture.

Venturi Significance in "Raya and The Last Dragon" Language Described

Some viewers have applauded the film’s use of what appear to be Arnis sticks, an instrument central to Filipino martial arts. The meanings of terms like “venturi” have left some moviegoers scratching their heads over the Disney flick.

We don’t know anything about the word “venturi,” although it may have a slangy connotation in other languages that we don’t. In the movie, the insulting epithet “binturi” is used, although its precise meaning is never made clear.

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Reactions on Twitter to Raya and The Final Dragon

The choice of certain terms in Raya and the Last Dragon has generated buzz on the social media platforms Twitter. Some people are going online to look out for the definitions of the new words they’ve picked up from the Disney movie, while others are already employing them in everyday conversation.

Following the conclusion of #RayaAndTheLastDragon, one viewer tweeted, “just done watching it and GOD DO I LIKE it and yuh totally incorporating binturi in my vocabulary.”

Another commented, “The captions in #RayaAndTheLastDragon suggest that Raya is using “binturi” as a derogatory term, yet for some reason, I can’t seem to google it. Can somebody point me in the direction of a translation of that?

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Binturi and Dep La: What About Them?

However, the Vietnamese term “dep la” is believed to mean “strangely gorgeous,” whereas the word “binturi” appears to be used as an insult in the film.

Venturi Significance in "Raya and The Last Dragon" Language Described

Raya is voiced by Kelly Marie Tran, who was “struck by the familial phrases Namaari and Raya call each other, which were drawn from the Vietnamese language,” per Entertainment Weekly.

According to Bilingua, “the main languages in Southeast Asia include Lao, Thai, Burmese, Khmer, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Malay, Indonesian.” The name Raya, which is derived from the Malay word for “festival,” is a perfect example. Because of this, the picture could have a polyglot cast.

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