Vincenzo Season 2 Release Date Updates : Will There Be a New Season?

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‘Vincenzo,’ a South Korean web series, debuted on the tvN network. The show features a variety of genres, including comedy, crime, and romance. Park Jae-bum wrote the script for Kim Hee-film. won’s ‘Vincenzo’s’ is one of the most popular shows on television because of its exceptional storyline and presentation. The show is presently TvN’s sixth most popular drama and Korean cable television’s ninth most popular drama.

A small island near Malta serves as the final resting place for Jang Jun-woo, Babel Group’s leader, at the end of Season 1. Even so, he doesn’t have the money. Is he going to return to Korea to find the gold? Fans can only hope that a release date for Season 2 will be announced soon in light of this cliffhanger.

When will there be a second season of Vincenzo?

Vincenzo Season 2 has yet to be given an official release date. After the first season of Vincenzo, it appears that the show’s future will be revealed.

vincenzo season 2 release date

Vincenzo’s second season is expected to premiere on 20 Aug 2022. The second season could air on tvN, much like the first. We’ll have to wait and see.

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What Happens In ‘Vincenzo’ Season 2?

The story centers on Park Joo’s character, Hyung, an adopted child of an Italian family. While in Italy as a child, he adopted the name, Vincenzo Cassano. To make ends meet, he joined a Mafia organization and went to work as their legal counsel. For whatever reason, he returned to South Korea. It was then that he first encountered Hong Cha-Young and fell in love with her.

vincenzo season 2

After retaliating against the Babel Group, Vincenzo was forced to flee to Malta. Hong Cha-Young was entrusted with the gold. In addition to the gold, will Vincenzo be able to get back her heart’s desire?

Who Is Returning For ‘Vincenzo’ Season 2?

Actors and Writers on the Staff


In this case, Park Joo-Hyung plays the love interest of Vincenzo Cassano. Italian lawyer and Mafia consigliere of Korean descent. He is the true owner of Geumga Plaza after being adopted by the Cassano family. He joins Jipuragi Law Firm as an advisor/foreign legal counsel after the Babel Group is dismantled and the gold stashed in Geumga Plaza is returned.

Hong Cha-young has been played by Jeon Yeo-been

Wu Sung is a member of the Law Firm and the daughter of a well-known Korean attorney, Hong Yoo-chan. She’s prone to overreacting since she’s so energizing. After her father’s death, she assumes leadership of the Jipuragi Law Firm as its new CEO. Due to her support for Vincenzo’s battle against Babel Group, she has enlisted in his cause

Jang Jun-woo/Jang Hanseok Ok Taec Yon

This individual is the real chairman of Babel Group and an intern at Wu sung Law Firm under Hong Cha-supervision. young’s He gives the impression of being carefree, gullible, and naive. However, the real power behind him is revealed to be Babel Group. He is the main antagonist in the series.

vincenzo season 2 plot

Kim Yeo-jin portrays Choi Myung-hee

By joining the Wu sang Law Firm as a Senior Partner, the former prosecutor becomes Babel Group’s corporate fixer and attorney. Jang Jun-collaborator Woo appears to be nice and enjoys Zumba, but she is in fact crooked and an accomplice of Jang Jun.

Kwak Dong-yeon takes up the role of Jang Han-SEO

Son of former chairman Jang Jun-woo and half-brother of Jang; operates as Babel Group owner in Jang’s absence. That doesn’t make him any less deserving of respect or admiration, but it does make him appear arrogant and self-absorbed.

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Vincenzo Season 2: Is There A Trailer?

Season 2 of ‘Vincenzo’ has not been renewed, and there is no Season 2 trailer. As of now, the first season trailer of ‘Vincenzo’ is available for your viewing pleasure.


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