How Can I “Repost” on Tik Tok? Is My Tik Tok History Visible?

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TikTok is the hottest new app for sharing videos, and its users are using it to share everything from humorous sketches to useful tutorials. According to industry and consumer data aggregator Statista, one billion people from around the world use it monthly.

Recently, TikTok included a “repost” function that allows users to easily show their fans and subscribers the videos they love most from the app. There are some restrictions on its use, so I’ve laid out all you need to know about the TikTok repost.

With the Repost function, you can show an interesting or helpful update from another user to your followers. They’re For You Pages, which feature content hand-picked by editors from pages the user likes, will then display the article. When the Reposted content appears, the original poster will receive the credit.

In What Ways Is Tik Tok’s Original Purpose Altered When It Is Reposted?

what does reposted mean on tiktok

When you first use Repost, the app will display a half-screen notification explaining what it is and what it does, It’s really just another way to broadcast your TikToks to your social media network. Do not send it as a direct message or provide a link to it elsewhere.

When you repost a video, TikTok includes it in your friends’ and followers’ FYPs. Simply reposting anything gives it more weight in the algorithm and indicates your approval.

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Can Others See Whether I’ve Shared a Tik Tok that I’ve Already Shared?

Your reposts will only be seen by your followers. The whole idea of the function is to have your recommendations appear on the FYPs of your friends and followers. Here’s what your followers will see if you repost a TikTok on their FYP:

Above the caption, they’ll notice your profile picture, indicating that you’re the one who reposted this TikTok. Clicking the captions will also reveal a flag reading “@username Reposted this video,” the date you reposted it, and any comments you made.

If you repost someone else’s TikTok and aren’t mutual friends, the original author will never know. Neither do creators currently receive a notification when their video has been Reposted nor do Reposts appear in analytics as a distinct indicator from Shares?

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Follow These Steps to Reshare a Video on Tik Tok:

what does reposted mean on tiktok
  1. Check out the For You Tab on the main TikTok screen.
  2. The’repost’ button may now be found next to the share arrow on any post.
  3. If you click on it, the video will play for your followers.
  4. A secondary window will pop up, requesting a reason for sharing the video.
  5. The clip will only show up on the “For You” tab, and not the “Friends” page.

Despite its superficial similarities to Twitter and Instagram‘s sharing options, it is not the same. Even if the video won’t be shown on your profile, others who follow you can still view it.

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Final Words

TikTok has more users than Twitter and is the sixth most popular social media network. It now includes several new functions, including “Repost.” The app’s videos are the most shared online. With TikTok’s algorithm, clips from a few seconds to 10 minutes can go viral.

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